Psilent B Deadly

morgisbord 3

Derived from @Kelfecil's Tiny Garden but I need to keep testing.

Some meta and new-fangled toy choices...

  • Executive Boot Camp to counter blackmail and act as second Full Immersion RecStudio. This is to stop spread and allow for stacks of doom to be built up over servers. Loads of operation econ to aid setup of Psi econ.
  • Sandburg forces more psi games as ice becomes too tough/expensive to break.
  • Hoping no one will expect the good 'ol SEA Source-Scorched Earth tomfoolery to come out of Nisei and if I do have to show them or they catch a glimpse, it's only a one of and they deffo don't know that for sure.

Comments always appreciated.
29 Jul 2016 Ladriel

Can i ask you why you included the Full Immersion RecStudio ?

31 Jul 2016 Phoenix

Yeah seems like a strange choice when Political Operative is a thing...

1 Aug 2016 Ladriel

Maybe to advance a project while guarding it with a trap. Sort of like a Shell Corporation trick. But in this case i'd include some Psychic Field or a Cerebral Overwriter.