Nisei Division Gone Mainstream

hi_impact 1710

This is a solid Nisei Division shell that greatly resembles standard Palana Foods. The ICE suite is very different, in that it is more affordable and just as effective.

There's no jank here. You have 3x Caprice, Batty bombs for Crims, and wealthy operation econ with heavy recursion. All of your ICE is great when drawn any time.

As the meta develops, Archived Memories or a copy of Ichi 1.0 can be swapped for tech, such as Crisium Grid or more ETRs like Magnet.

I could write an article on Georgia Emelyov. She is fantastic as a 1-of if you run Caprice and Nisei MkII. She makes Caprice insufferable and you can also get OHKOs with Batty + Chetana + Georgia + Nisei Token. This happens more often than you think.

The agenda suite can go blazingly fast with Fast Track + Improved Protein Source and can rush like the best of them, while also having the Batty threat to stay viable against most Runners late game.

28 Jul 2016 pandaman64

What do you use batty to fire off?

28 Jul 2016 hi_impact

@pandaman64 ichi 1.0 and chetana. Snowflake in dark times.