Nisei Agenda Gambling Division v04

pinkj 154

This deck works pretty well. I win most of my games when playing it and it kind of plays like an RP deck. There's nothing really extraordinary in play other that the security of Hyoubu when playing a Caprice psi-game added with Nisei's ID ability.

I had tried kiv's MWL2 Nisei deck (, but it didn't click with me and found it unwieldy with my play style. So I made changes to it that I felt more comfortable with.

The main (simple) strategy is to install Tollbooth and Caprice as soon as you get them, score Nisei MK IIs and Fast Track IPS to win the game. TFP to beef up the deck with agenda points and are not generally meant to be scored unless you have to. Sometimes fending off 2 TFPs in archives while waiting for Jackson can be great fun.

Setup Swordsman and Excalibur according to which runner flavour you're playing against. Install cheap Snowballs to hopefully stop the runner on centrals in the beginning and Upayogas to refire Snowballs.

Mental Health Clinic and Sweeps Week work well to get those needed econ boosts to rez your Tollbooths. Corporate Sales Team helps in that regard too.

Voter Intimidations to get rid of Political Operatives and Film Critics as they are the banes to this deck. Interns to get those trashed Caprices back.

I have a Chetana in this deck for the 2 cred and scare tactics, but this isn't a kill deck. I keep mulling the idea of replacing it with something else, but the 2 cred and psi-game does help at times.

If psi-games don't scare you, this really is a fun deck. The fact that at times you can rely solely on winning psi-games can make it exciting.