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Everyone in your area playing Control the Message? Tired of floating tags and watching hard hitting news? This is the deck to run the annoying masses of CtM decks out of the meta. Out of town. And off the planet. This only works because of the Astro nerf. Thanks Damon for slowing the game down and making interesting decks a thing again.

Early game is pressuring while seeing what you have to deal with, prioritizing HQ and the remote. There is lots of cash so keep up with trashing the BS spam, while still giving a few clicks to producing board state. Get set up, generate econ (1-2 UWC and sufficient link, Kati Jones, a few daily casts, and even just clicking for credits). Then start attacking various servers using your basic toolkit. Sorry, you're going to have to learn how to play real Netrunner again.

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You should be running around with Bertha (Kim's sledge) smashing up all the resources yelling some anti-android sentiment, regardless of how your opponent identifies. Tell them that this is all their fault that you're giving them a NPE. All the traces in the world shouldn't matter with 3-5 link. On that note, keep the sports hoppers up and running vs tracer decks, use them for draw as needed.

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Then once the assets are depleted, you're generating cash like mad, and your breakers (as much as you need) are up, start slamming your hammer into HQ and RnD. Smash up HHN with Ed Kim, trash ops out of HQ with Wanton Destruction, then go to work on RnD with medium, getting bonus accesses off Kim's sweet ability. Don't stop smashing medium just because some cute redhead wants a turn.

On card choices:

Econ cards like career fair, daily casts and dirty laundry are low econ recovery. Kati and liberated are good large boosts after a rage-smash turn, or to challenge remotes. Spinal modem is clickless econ, protected by link for the mid game to keep you smashin, and with UWC up and running you can run like Forest Gump...only with a sledgehammer. Networking is great for early game just taking CtM triggers, and for smashing through data ravens. Also letting the corp HHN you through all your link because you're on 4 credits (hilarious vs sync) and then being able to clear all tags the next turn. Networking puts in work today, but will get cut when this deck smashes CtM out of the meta.

Draw package is a little light, with hopper which usually stays out (but in a pinch draws), Earthrise, and inject. Inject sets up breakers and Femmes. Time your Femme as best you can for big ice like tollbooth, assassin, or DNA when it drops. Scavenge lets you get that second bypass value out of an ice after they trash the bypassed ice, and you even have 1 last same old thing to reset it one time. You will be clicking to draw. Deal with it.

The breaker package has some gaps and will probably need some tweaks, but it is largely serviceable for what you're going to be up against. Femme puts in a lot of work when you get it.

Potential changes:

  • Stimhacks, because SMC stimhack is great, and not getting out taxed is even better. Adds more value to the 1 of SoT which is already a little light now.

*Scrubber for even more asset destruction.

*D4v1d if inf seems changeable.

*Some cutlery for stupid pieces of stupid ice that keep causing stupid problems.

*Any of the Shards are fair game too.


*Bhagat to find him earlier.

Now you have no excuse to lose to CtM. Play this deck until everyone in your meta gives up, then keep playing it until they stop playing Netrunner.

22 Jul 2016 Shishu

I'm glad someone is playing Eddie again! I wonder if Morning Star might replace the second Corroder, just because you're using Retrieval Run. I'm excited to test this out.

22 Jul 2016 esutter479

Very nice, x3r0! :) I like the 3 Earthrise + 2 Inject draw engine. I really wanna bring Kim back at my local store again. Time to scare off those kill threats again!

22 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

Morning star could be good, but MU gets snug, even with zu vs corroder. Typically I'm blasting with 2 mediums at some point, so....snug. I think morning star is less relevant now because people aren't playing eli as much, since shaper is KotH

22 Jul 2016 Saan

Holy god, they need to disallow gifs in the text. It makes it so fucking hard to actually read what's being said when random shit is flashing everywhere.

As for actual advice, Spinal Modem is probably really bad in a meta where everyone and their dog is playing tracer ICE.

22 Jul 2016 Saan

Not that I'm shitting on you specifically for your use of gifs ^^. Just using this as a platform to vent my frustrations. Sorry your decklist was the one to bear my frustrations.

23 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

i play spinal because i put link in the deck to blank tracers, and get benefit...with 3 link ive never lost a trace, plus all the cash. corps will sometimes vamp themselves.

23 Jul 2016 moistloaf

very interesting take

23 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

@moistloafI know, it looks ridiculous on paper, but long term players will find it plays like good old netrunner, with some cool stuff going on. You also will find you're begging for a vamp.

23 Jul 2016 Wolfknight

It feels like you a play shaper with an anarch influence. I can't find other words to describe this deck. I've always thought Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer to be a very aggressive-early sledgehammer-wielding force, who can potentially win in 5 turns if the corp has no defense whatsoever. So playing shaper-bullshit is fatal for his success.

I'd suggest to change the ID to.. surprise suprise.. Whizzard: Master Gamer The asset hell is still going on, especially since the addtion of Sandburg, Glacier are on the rise. You definitly need to hate those assets. Once your deck is depleted your only economy is Underworld Contact and Kati Jones. A very slow and dull process and you don't want to be there. You want to win before that even occurs.

All in one I think you need to consider your potential card-choices again.

23 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

Actually the econ package is pretty fine. You dont need whizzard to deal with assets, it just very much helps. There are piles of money to keep up with both running servers and trashing remote spam. If the corp has enough assets to overwhelm you, and be relevant, they wont have enough ice to worry about. Also, spinal modembdoes a good deal of heavy lifting on the runs.

The ID is for the link, which is the whole point of the deck. Its a massive meta hate against CtM, while still being functional vs a lot of other decks. I have a very solid winrate with it vs palana foods, as well as weyland. The HB Mu is dicey depending on your draw.

The SMC is for aggression, you dont have to wait around for the right breakers to begin brushing your face against their ice. If the deck runs out you should already have a pile of cash from uwc and several turns of kati, and you should be in medium town.

It does take time to set up, but it is strong enough when it gets going. I also am always testing changes to streamline it.

23 Jul 2016 PureFlight

I absolutely love this. It looks like you have answers to a lot of different threats. Do you ever feel like it hurts consistency?

You could swap Wanton for Vamp or Stimhack and see how they work out.

I think Kim is a solid ID choice for this meta because non-horizontal corps switched to operation econ in response to Whizzard's prevalence. And let's face it - EVERY corp plays some operations. The Medium dig boost alone makes Kim's ability valuable.

23 Jul 2016 dominionmundi

I only very guiltily netdeck, but this is just so sick - can't help myself. Looks so unlikely on paper, but very nice draw/money balance combined with power to steamroll hq/rd. That's a deck. No feeling quite like trashing restructures/celebrity gifts/consulting visits etc etc etc

23 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

right? on paper it looks like card salad, but once you start playing...its good fun.

24 Jul 2016 WayneMcPain

I love this. I love it so so much. This is exactly the direction I was planning on going with Kim. Link in Anarch is criminally underutilized. (But part of that was Kim and Reina not being very viable. Thanks MWL 2.0!)

I do think that a second Baghat is a must have. That card is perfect for Kim, just makes those single access HQ runs when you are looking for Ops to trash so much better.

Also, Spinal Modem is so underrated.

What are your thoughts on swapping out one or two Queens Gambit for Dirty Laundry?

25 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

QG is probably a fine stand in, but it can be played around sometimes, dirty laundry at least is always there. A turn of QG + kati is pretty compressed, DL decompresses economy and attack, which is super handy. Probably pretty close in value.

26 Jul 2016 hi_impact

I'm a fan of any reasonable Kim deck and this one is a pretty refreshing take on the Anarch rig.

The problem's I've seen though is that relatively common sentries these days (Ichi 1.0 and NEXT Gold) take a steaming dump on this rig.

1x Ice Carver is nice, but not seen enough to prop up a D4v1d-less Faust-less Mimic.

Makes me honestly want to run a Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 if d4v1d is off the plate with influence.

26 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

femme breaks them, and if you plan on going through them frequently, you can just scavenge the femme onto them. Im testing a few changes to make the rig more ubiquitous. Some tests include parasite and datasucker, but at the expense of spinal, which I'm not hot on parting with. More to come.

30 Jul 2016 WayneMcPain

So, after some testing I was reminded of how much I dislike Earthrise Hotel. Even with Career Fair, it's best scenario is having both in your opening hand, which doesn't happen often. What tends to happen most often is I really need the draw, CF is nowhere to be found and I have to hard install EH and take the tempo hit. Which usually I'm hard installing it when I really need economy, which means I'm put on low enough credits that it's hard to actually capitalize on the draw anyway. I just really don't like how slow it is.

Since I still don't have Salsette Island, I am going with 3x IHW and 3x Inject. I don't mind clicking to draw occasionally if I can afford to install my rig.

Dropped Networking and added a Legwork. Not a lot of CTM in my local meta. SOT was too narrow in this deck, so swapped for Deja Vu, in case Inject goes south.

Also, not sure that Dyson is completely necessary right now. I haven't run into MU problems yet, although if Datasucker gets added, I may change my mind., all I care about is turning on Underworld Contacts, so I slotted Access to Globalsecs instead.

Cujo doesn't seem like a terrible idea. Femme takes care of a lot little sentries decently, sent with the retrieval runs, I wouldn't mind slotting Cujo as a high str sentry breaker for emergencies.

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far. I'm really enjoying Kim again, especially this direction.

31 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

v2 is coming, it also cuts cf and earthrise. ihw and inject play a bigger part. we got d4v1d and parasite while keeping networking.

21 Jan 2017 Nordrunner

Like just for the flaming hammer guy. That made my night!

21 Jan 2017 x3r0h0ur

Its a fun deck too, i should update it, now that ctm is dead lol.