Nisei Agenda Gambling Division

pinkj 154

I've been toying with this for a bit and I'm enjoying the gambling nature of it. Of course it's now a more controlled, lower risk gamble with Hyoubu Research Facility.

The overall idea is to hope to win psi games, tax the runner as well as always be able to float around 2 credits when things are getting tough. Even at 1 cred, you can still (hopefully) keep the runner out of your scoring server.

Tollbooth and Upayoga to tax the runner even more to hopefully keep them below 2 credits when they get to Caprice. Bullfrog to hopefully make the runner hop to Excalibur. Snowflake is a decent barrier with rez 1 str 3. Swordsman for Faust.

3 TFP for psi game goodness. Keep TFP in hand and only score it if you're pretty sure you can. Score two Nisei MK IIs and Fast Track IPS to win.

Archived Memories to quickly reinstall trashed Caprices. Aggressive Secretary for hilarity when you lose the Caprice psi game.

It's not Tier 1 material, but it IS a pretty fun deck. Please comment on what you think would improve this idea!

17 Jul 2016 TKO

you could save 4 influence by using interns instead. If you're only going to use archived memories to instantly install things, it's the same number of clicks. Also Voter Intimidation helps protect against film critic to keep your future perfects protected and triggers hyoubu and your ability.

17 Jul 2016 pinkj

@TKO Interns, of course, thank you! And I forgot about Voter Intimidation!