Stealth Kate Mirror Mode

kevintame 421

Here is my current Stealth Kate build. I've added few new things but mostly the same game plan as other Stealth Kate decks. Below is a few thought about how I pilot the deck.

Start of Game

  • You need to get Professional Contacts early or your econ suffers. You can still win but it is so much harder. I always mulligan for it.
  • If you can get 1 or 2 Technical Writer out before installing stuff it will make you a ton of money to use for later.
  • If you are facing a fast advance deck Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip need to get out early as well to bring out Clot to slow them down.


  • Make sure to focus on getting your rig set up. A common rhythm for me in the mid-game is 2 clicks with Professional Contacts install Program or Hardware then play/install non Program or Hardware card. Modded to R&D Interface is an easy way to clear cards out of hand.
  • With the clot threat you can pick off agendas from remotes but be careful you don't forget about getting your rig up. I will often lose games if I don't get set up.
  • I use to run Astrolabe for my console but have switched to Mirror and I love it. Astrolabe makes MU a little challenging and it sucks to have to trash a Cloak to install a Self-modifying Code. Try and get Mirror out before you have MU problems. Eventually you will be able to get all your breakers and 3 Cloak. Mirror also has the replacement of a reoccurring credit effect which is a nice plus.

Late Game

Other Thoughts

  • I'm not sure about Dai V yet. It might not be that good.
  • Indexing could be cut as well but I find it really helpful against decks that have a lot of nasty stuff in RD