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Kharn the Betrayer 223

Welcome to Jinteki's, would you like to die with that?

The major play this deck is looking to make is rushing out a 3 pointer early to leave the runner in a shitty place. At 3 points with this deck, you're one scoring window away from winning (which ideally happens around turn 2), and the runner will have some serious pressure to run into those overwriters(?) and june bugs(?) starting fairly early on. If the runner's first score is on a GFI they're still guaranteed to be 2 agendas away from winning and the deck only has 6 making fishing very painful for the runner with shocks and snares in a thin stack. The ICE is there to kick the runner out for cheap, and that's really all. If the runner makes it to late game and you haven't scored anything yet then your only shot is bluffing through twice, so rushing out that first agenda is key.

Back Channels because all you've got is burst econ and that gives you a way to cash in on bluffs if the runner calls you on them. Chetana because it may as well be ETR with all the access damage you have, the runner won't expect it in with all the other rush ICE and it gives you precious money.

Ideally your opening hand has some Hedge equivalents and a mushin in it to slap down some pressure on turn 1, plus some cheapo ETR if you're trying to score out on it or double down on the trap bluff. With the right draw and some runner stumbling you can even rush out a win by turn 4.

21 Jun 2016 pang4

This deck seems REALLY sweet! How has it played out thus far?

21 Jun 2016 zengoshugoju

Fun deck. Better handle.

22 Jun 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I wonder if 2x Trick of Light would be better than the Ronin? You could never advance your Protein off of failed traps, which is silly out of Medtech. With both you can FA it. If you are going to run them over The Future Perfect I'd think you'd want to take advantage of the quicker score.

22 Jun 2016 RubbishyUsername

I'm not convinced you've done enough here to make Improved Protein Source better than The Future Perfect.

23 Jun 2016 Kharn the Betrayer

Proteins are all about that turn 1 play. Install, ICE, advance (or Mushin/ICE, but you can do that with TFP too, Proteins just give you better odds of seeing the play) so you can be ready to score on turn two while the runner is busy setting up.

I don't know that ToL is worth it, it doesn't speed up your scoring any unless you have two in hand and a bunch of counters to move, though it does let you bluff an unadvanced Protein into a score on the next turn. Might test with them instead of the heritage committees.

20 Oct 2016 ArminFirecracker

I like this trap heavy deck. How about Celebrity Gift for more econ?