New Angeles Sol: 1st Place London Regionals 2016 (Corp)

Brendan 539

This is a Sol deck. It has a good chance of securing a big board-state advantage early via Breaking News/ASI/Closed Account/Midseasons, and later you can use Exchange of Information to convert Breaking News into extra points.

During Swiss is faced a runner I forget the ID of (sorry!) (win), Valencia (loss), Kit (win), Andromeda (win), Jesminder (loss), and IDd with two Hayley players. During the cut it faced Siphon Kate (win), Hayley (win), and Siphon Kate (win).

21 Jun 2016 unitled

Congrats on the win Brendan :)

I love this style of deck. I threw an EoI in my SYNC deck and it won me three games in a row! It makes 2 agendas that were already good, BN and GFI, and makes them even better.

I've trimmed some cards and run your build in SYNC; it's still good, but it's a real shame to lose the perma-buffed News Hounds, especially when you sometimes actually want to feed them a GFI for EoI or agenda so you can Midseason!

21 Jun 2016 Brendan

I worry SYNC might not have the money for Midseasons, and it's harder do deny siphon swings. But SYNC may well be the better deck. I just liked the multiple avenues you get with Sol. EoI is a deeply unfair card with GFI/BN.

21 Jun 2016 ApeAsylum

Enjoyed Since seeing your deck in action so much I made one myself! It's loads of fun. I dropped a blue level and added an archived memories. The rest is pretty much the same. Resistor MVP ice! Great deck man and congrats!

21 Jun 2016 Brendan

Thanks ApeAsylum! Jesminder with Gingerbread is pretty good against all the ice, though!

21 Jun 2016 ApeAsylum

Lol yes it is. First game I tested ur deck was against a Haley Dino gingerbread deck. Still took the win. Apprently stregnth 14 resistor is good ha

21 Jun 2016 beyoken

Hey, Ben here! Brilliant deck, it's nigh impossible to keep you poor or find any agendas from deep digs. Really good meta call versus all the Shapers on the day.

Congrats again on taking the win with two unorthodox decks :)

21 Jun 2016 Brendan

Hey Ben, thanks! It was a real pleasure to play you, and you played fantastically from a very rough position in our second game. You didn't exactly bring standard decks yourself. ;)

You still get the glory of bringing down Alex's IG!

24 Jun 2016 mittens

Is there a reason you aren't playing 15 Minutes? I guess it messes up the agenda suite, but it seems like a high payoff.

25 Jun 2016 Casshern1324

Score 15 Minutes, Exchange of Information, shuffle away 15 Minutes seems like value. But if you won regionals, then the deck must already be good.

1 Jul 2016 matthopkins

Congrats on the win! I had my best success as Corp with Sol when it first came out, and I'm going to take this deck as my Corp for a while now

2 Jul 2016 matthopkins

Huh the end of my comment didn't get posted. So you miss having CVS? And if you were to swap something or for it, what would that be?

7 Jul 2016 Johnny Polite

I'm playing a version of this - I've gone up to 54 cards (added an Explode-a-palooza) so that I could cut a Blue Level and go up to three San San and 2 CVS. I feel like the fast advance threat isn't strong enough with just one San San, but what do I know.

26 Aug 2016 dominionmundi

What are you favourite call outs for targeted marketing? I've found datasucker to be a good call vs anarchs. Account Siphon or Temujin is pretty safe vs. Crim. Shaper I'm having a harder time getting value off calling SMC or Clone chip. Any suggestions?

26 Aug 2016 Trevyn

Is this a tournament deck, because I'm pretty sure AstroScript Pilot Program is only allowed one in the deck. >_> I'm curious why the site thinks this is legal for all of them.

26 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

@Trevyn 3 Astros were legal when this deck was published, the astro limit 1 per deck is recent.