who plays Turing? (undefeated in Swiss, 8th place Cleveland)

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This deck was based on Zach Cavis' Atlanta-winning deck but with a few slots switched around for tech. It unfortunately shares one major weakness of that deck - no way through a Turing on a remote other than clicking through it or shutting it down when they have less than 4 credits - which bit me on the day.

This deck went 5-0 in Swiss (beating two NEH butchershops, ETF, Argus, and an NEH FA w/Jeeves). My corp deck was nothing special, a 2-biotic NEH FA with NAPDs, and went 2-3 on the day. After the cut, this deck lost to an ETF, which was my second loss and I was out.

  • Rebirth for added utility (see below for list of targets and reasoning). Rebirthed three times on the day; twice to Leela and once to Iain.
  • Déjà Vu for more flexibility than the second copy of Corroder, in the case of program trashing. I needed neither DV nor the second Corroder during my games.
  • Networking is strictly SYNC tech. However, I played zero SYNCs. I used it in one game to drop tags from a small Midseasons, and in one game to drop tags from multiple Siphons.
  • e3 Feedback Implants is primarily for HB (the matchup that has always been my personal bugbear when playing criminal) and also plays nicely with Faust. It did work in the HB matchup (foilflaws' reaction when I played it was priceless) but it sure doesn't help break Turing. :(

Rebirth targets:

  • Leela, if you get there early. Like turn 1 or 2 early. You want to get to Leela ASAP for maximum impact.
  • Iain, if you find yourself behind on points, neither of the above two cases apply, and money is the mitigating factor. (HB is the likeliest candidate for this, since they'll have the easiest time shutting out your testing money.)
  • Silhouette might be best against IG or other shell game decks, but I'd be wary of using her against PE - exposing a Psychic Field is a real liability. Stellar against the Guess Right Mushin game, though.
  • Gabe, if you think you'll have the unfettered access to HQ required to make the most of his ability.
  • Nero solely for #stylepoints.

Not included:

  • Ken, because 9 run events isn't going to make Ken better than any of the above choices. (Except maybe Nero.)
  • Fisk, because no.
  • Boris "Syfr" Kovac, because that's not legal and he's not even good in draft.
14 Jun 2016 scd

You forgot Geist!