NBN: FA/SE Hybrid Sol - GNK 2016

IronRaven88 159

Greetings! I haven't played many tournaments this season but with the anti-Faust/Mumbad City Hall/Museum of History hate going around, I wanted to do something different. I also find the NEH asset spam decks brain-numbing to pilot. NBN is well positioned to pressure/disrupt/outrace the resource dominated runner meta. I took this and my Stealth Andromeda and placed 2nd.

Card Choices

This deck has origins in both Timmy Wong's INFO REFINERY and Bewnt's (NetrunnerDB user) Lunisolar Flare. It takes the playstyle and tag punishment approach from INFO REFINERY, but places similar emphasis on the Traffic Accident/Scorched Earth package. I contemplated playing it as a 24/7 kill deck, but felt like I get more value/versatility out of the tag punishment from Midseason Replacements.

I chose an Explode-a-palooza and NAPD Contract combination, since both help the Midseason Replacements from different angles, but the NAPD naturally can protect itself.

I chose to play 4 currents instead of 3 to increase my odds of drawing them since they turn on the News Hound and help the game plan. My 4th current was Predictive Algorithm which again plays into the Midseason Replacements plan. Also paying 6 credits to steal an NAPD is bawler.

The singleton Snatch and Grab is to snipe early Professional Contacts or Kati Jones, but more importantly Film Critic, as this card hoses our entire strategy.

Game 1 vs Stealth? Andromeda

I draw into an opener with a Resistor, 2 News Hound, Targeted Marketing, and Sweeps Week, with a natural draw into Jackson Howard. Targeted Marketing names account siphon. I draw into The All-Seeing I and Breaking News and get a secure remote up. The Breaking News survives behind a News Hound and I score it and The All-Seeing I away 2 Daily Casts, 1 Security Testing, and a Kati Jones with 9 credits. I quickly draw into the Midseason Replacements, Scorched Earth, and Traffic Accident. He unfortunately runs R&D, and steals an agenda on very low credits. The rest is a firey mess.

Game 2 vs Quetzal Faust

I mulliganed into a decent starting hand with some money, ice, and Jackson Howard. I draw a Predictive Algorithm and NAPD Contract and bait him into the steal. The Midseason Replacements follows afterwards along with The All-Seeing I trashing his Wyldcakes and Daily Casts. With his economy crippled and no draw engine, he slowly starts shaking the tags. I score out 4 points, but draw into a Traffic Accident and Scorched Earth. I take a gamble and thankfully he didnt have I've Had Worse.

Game 3 vs Stealth Kate

Hand started great with a Midseason Replacements, News Hound, money, and Jackson. I made 2 very bad play mistakes by sacrificing an Astro instead of my Explode-a-palooza to bait the run for Midseason Replacements. Having the 5 extra credits would have been huge the next couple turns. I also neglected to trash a Professional Contacts which gave him some tempo. Those mistakes cost me the game, as I didn't draw a current, timely economy cards, and had a very porous R&D. I was able to get an Astro and Psychographics a 2 token Beale up to match point, but two R&D interfaces win games.

Conclusion (TL:DR)

Tag punishment in a resource dominated meta certainly does work. NBN is in a great spot since it does tag punishment the best and can just auto win off of Astroscript. I especially like New Angeles Sol because News Hound is such an aggressive ice and Targeted Marketing severely hinders the runners board development.

20 Jun 2016 dawspawn

I've been playing this deck on Jinteki and having a blast with it. Thanks for the fun deck! My one question would be how are you using the Tollbooth? Does it go on one of your centrals or your scoring server usually? So far it's felt like a dead draw to me, and I'm not really ever happy to see it or rez it. Do you only use it in certain matchups?

21 Jun 2016 IronRaven88

@dawspawn I'm glad you're enjoying it! Where I place Tollbooth honestly depends on when I draw it. It usually ends up on a remote or R&D. Having a taxing etr rather than a binary etr can also open a Midseason Replacements window (8 rez cost for ~7 tax, or 3 card/3 with Faust). If the runner accepts the tags from Midseasons, it replaces Gutenburg on R&D. The deck is relativly ice light, however all the ice (except Tollbooth) is cheap to rez. My play style leaves me clicking for rather than drawing cards, which is how I can usually afford to rez. That being said, I have seen other varients that play with an Information Overload (again hiding on R&D until the Midseason lands) or some other combination with Data Ravens. The Data Raven, however should tip the runner off that you're trying to kill them. Hope this helps. Cheers!

21 Jun 2016 dawspawn

@IronRaven88 Thanks that's definitely helpful. I was thinking of trying Data Raven, as it's also a great ETR ice.

Right now I'm trying +1 Traffic Accident +1 Exploda -1 NAPD -1 Predictive Algorithm. Some more consistency in the kill pieces, but as you say in your writeup that 6 creds to steal an NAPD can be killer, so I may switch back. Lots of cool choices to make with Sol!