Localized Destruction- Top 6 Atlanta Regionals 2016

bluefaithful 294

This is a deck I piloted to Top 6 in the 2016 Atlanta Regional which had a field of 41 players. Weyland isn't subtle, you know the game plan here. With Consulting Visit and Localized Product Line, Murder decks have never been smoother. You now have 4 ways to get your 1 Midseasons. Try to build early money and rush an Atlas behind Mother Goddess. The more pieces of kill you have the more aggressive you can be and can use the runner's aggression against them. A lot of people haven't yet learned how fast Weyland can be now. Midseasons creates a permanent tag state and you can localize to set up Triple Scorch which kills through most things.

Overall I went 3-2 in swiss and 1-0 in cut. I got two turn 4 kills and one turn 5 kill. The loses where to a rich and patient AndySucker with Film Critic and a Val Medium Combo deck which had an inherent combo v combo advantage.

Main thing I plan on changing to to switch tollbooth for a Sea Source to have more ways to deal with Film Critic. However Midseaons is still essential because Sea Source is too easy to counter for a kill path.

Weyland Murder has always been my favorite deck and finally has the pieces to be consistent and will only get more so. It may be better than the NBN kill variant for the first time since Core Set. Happy Hunting!

5 Jun 2016 aermet69

Time to pull out Paper Tripping. :)

6 Jun 2016 spags

I have a very similar build. Needs 3 Visit and S&G.

6 Jun 2016 SunRunner

what is S&G?

6 Jun 2016 stoppableforce

Snatch & Grab, I imagine, since Film Critic completely neutralizes Midseasons. (And you can always find other connections to blow up.)

6 Jun 2016 bluefaithful

Yeah Snatch and Grab is definitely a card I think about. It can be expensive though to push through the trace. I might rather have a 2nd contract killer. Public Supports didn't do much for me so replacing those is an easy choice.

I think two consulting visits is enough but it might allow me to make a play earlier so not a bad idea.

6 Jun 2016 spags

S&G is key. Trust me. You'll find windows.

3 Visit is a must. Worst case, it's an early OAI. OR, it can get LPL to finish it. It's an Op toolbox deck. These cards are all better than Killer, IMHO. I've tried both.

30 Jun 2016 OuterCrow

I'd be inclined to replace Mother Goddess with Hive. Far more taxing against Faust, but still a hard credit tax against Corroder.