Yellow Xanatos

magikot 1976

A twist on the typical Xanatos gambit deck usually played out of Cybernetics Division. This one is yellow. Want to win with an over-advanced Beale while threatening a flatline? This deck is for you!

Media Blitz a Puppet Master and start stock piling advancement counters on traps or Beales. If they don't run the trap put a Shell Corporation on it and get money. Hell, put a shell corp on a Beale you Mushin'd out that the runner didn't run. And let Puppet Master slowly build counters on it until it gives you all your points.

This is probably the most fun I've had playing NBN in a long time.

27 May 2016 cranked

Why this deck isn't called "Beale or No Beale" is beyond me.

27 May 2016 magikot

Two reasons really.

The first is that I didn't know that was a deck list already. The second is that I predominately play HB decks as corp so I went with a deck type I already knew.

27 May 2016 WildM

You could totally take advantage of the Alliance you unlocked and play Heritage Committee or Raman Rai with this deck. At the very least, you could maybe replace the Sensie Actors Union that's only going to do work for you once before it gets trashed.

27 May 2016 scd

I would want some Back Channels in this -- might kill a Mushin for influence for a couple of them.

27 May 2016 Laxen

Cool deck. If you really wanna go all in on the Beale plays, maybe switching the astros for 2x Global Food isn't a bad idea for some more defense in centrals (but I don't know how valuable the astro token onto traps shenanigans are :P)

28 May 2016 ANRguybrush

Btw Plan B is hilarious with mushin and Astroscript. Second option is playing ghost branch and tag punishment like exchange of information and psychographics.