Yellow Deck Wins (2nd @ CT Regionals)

Crunchums 325

Another Calimsha deck. Go fast, score agendas, etc. The deck went 5-0 on the day (Kate, Leela, Kit, Noise, Whizzard).

The worst card here is Marked Accounts, but I am fine with them. You want something that you can install for a card in those slots, and costing Whizzard 2 real credits is relevant. It's tempting to play a 2nd CVS but the real problem against Whizzard is Turntable, not Medium (especially with 2 Little Engine), so it's not really necessary. Probably the next best option would be Product Placement, which is fun and can be cute with Sensie.

23 May 2016 Dr_Feelgood

Hi! Could you tell how have Sensies worked for you? In my experience, Whizzard checks every remote, so chances for them to fire is quite low. And were NAPDs over Team Sponsorships worth it?

23 May 2016 Crunchums

@Dr_Feelgood Sensie is at its worst against Whizzards and Vals who check every remote. Sometimes against Whizzard you can install multiple things in one turn and make him at least burn some real credits. But it's a fine card outside of those two runners and it's good at punishing unchecked remotes.

NAPD over Team Sponsorship is definitely worth it. This deck is all about going fast, and being able to score an NAPD with the runner low on credits is absolutely huge. There were two games on the day that I think I would have lost if they were instead Explode-a's.