TMNT Based deck (1st place Store Championship)

schum495 367

Based on Targeting Mumbad Neural Turtles. Only difference is the ICE suite.

Winner of Level Up Games Store Championship on 5 / 15 / 16.

16 May 2016 HatsuneMiku

Seems good, but what if the runner have cards to prevent net damage

17 May 2016 Shockeh

Delighted to see it's working for someone else!

What was the rationale to choose Wraparound over Pop-Up for the NBN Influence? Aside from specifically Faust (and that's what 2 Swordsman are for) If they install a Fracter it's the same cost to break, but makes you money each time and doesn't cost 2 to rez.

17 May 2016 StarryVeck

I guess Wraparound is more likely to stop a runner. But being one of only two ETR ice in the deck, that's neither here nor there really, so I'd probably go for a Pop-up Window myself.

Might try this out, seeing as IG has been a huge disappointment to me of late.

17 May 2016 lunchmoney

I was in Level Up games store on that day, so you must be talking about a different one as there was no Netrunner being played there. Which Level Up store was this one? I'm now curious to know how many stores share the name ;)

17 May 2016 coyotemoon722

What's the plan against Whizzard?

18 May 2016 baughbberick

@lunchmoney Probably tons of them; we have two sister stores here called Level Up Games and Hobbies.

18 May 2016 schum495

@HatsuneMiku I actually played against a Kate deck with Net Shield. The mission is to force them to take decisions that could cause more that 1 dmg per turn. against Feedback Filter you can tax them heavily

``@Shockeh` It is still anti-Faust tech. I wanted to make sure Anarch would have issues against me. Pop-up Window would be a huge help though, I would heavily consider it.

@coyotemoon722 I tried to defend a Hostile Infrastructure with 2 ice. I barely eaked out a win. likely putting in a Cerebral Static

Everyone please see the original deck list and comment there. This deck list is copied off of its framework.

19 May 2016 Shockeh

Yeah, logical @schum495 - I've switched the ICE on the original slightly, but as you can't 'replace' a Published version, I haven't bothered.

I made the following changes: -1 Tech Startup +1 Psychic Field (because of the Whizzard matchup being the hardest)

ICE Suite moved to:

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (3)

  • 2x Pop-up Window ••
  • 1x Yagura

Sentry (2)

  • 2x Swordsman

Found it's worst matchup is Whizzard who aggressively trashes every remote, or people who simply plunder R&D hard and ignore everything. I'm still not happy with the ICE for this reason.