LinCon Regionals NEH (1st in swiss, 5th in cut)

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4 rounds of swiss with a top cut to 8, went 3-1 in Swiss (with an intentional draw) and 1-1 in the cut. The loss was mostly a bad play on my part.

Utah Regional winner card for card (I know, I'm that guy), it performed even when I didn't. Nothing to say, it was solid if a bit slow at times. After some experience against Slums Whizzard this deck is going back to the drawing board.

9 May 2016 Heartthrob

Well done well done! Yesterday this and Angry Val took me to top seed after Swiss in the Vegas Regional. I was swiftly dispatched by Noise and Haarp though in the cut, killing my repeat regional win dreams :(

9 May 2016 kollapse

@Heartthrob It was Noise who shoved me down to the losers bracket in the first place actually, so we have a mutual enemy. Did you run into alot of Whizzard in Vegas? I had the good fortune of not having to face him all day, but I do think this deck is a bit of a pain to pilot against Slums Whizzard.

9 May 2016 AkAnderson

I personally think Slums Whizzard makes a tough matchup even harder, depending on what Whizzard can trash early. You can still hold him out of RnD pretty easily, but you're relying so much more on the single Biotic. If Whizzard is packing Legwork then you're probably losing those Astros.

10 May 2016 kollapse

@AkAnderson In this case I think a less asset spammy NEH is preferred, even though I like playing these decks more than the regular Fastro ones.