I know your dirty secrets 4.0

dante77 1150

Only simple solutions.

29 Apr 2016 king_mob

I like this list a lot, its brutal and simple, and i think for good anarch decks you just need to build simply like this.

29 Apr 2016 dante77

Thx. I add only simple and strong cards.

29 Apr 2016 pang4

How has Inject been with 15 programs? Maybe John Masanori would be a more reliable draw engine?

29 Apr 2016 Crauseon

How is Human First faring? I'd love to love it, but I have a hard time believing in it.

A single Clone Chip into Scavenge to rotate Femme Fatale, or does that shift too much away from your KISS orientation?

29 Apr 2016 dante77

@pang4 I need Inject to fast search Daily Casts ans/or Data Folding. No worry about programs. Got Déjà Vu and Clone Chip

@Crauseon I love Human First for money without clicks.

Kim is pretty fast in this deck. I run very agressive from begginnig on central to trash asset and operations.

29 Apr 2016 king_mob

@pang4 Inject actually makes clone chips better when it trashes programs, as it allows you to tutor stuff out of the heap (with clone chips) while also thinning your stack.

1 May 2016 tonybluehose

thoughts on adding Salsette Slums? A buddy of mine was talking about using it out of Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer...not sure if it goes with your theme of "simple" but I like that new card.

2 May 2016 michaeln

If the aim is to be fast and aggressive, is Data Folding really appropriate? These take three turns to break even in the absence of Career Fairs or similar...

7 May 2016 dante77

I remove 1x Nerve Agent and add 1x Stimhack. I think it's a better idea.

3 Jun 2016 ctxjckl

I'm going to take this to a tournament tomorrow. Because why not.

3 Jun 2016 dante77

@cortexjackalWOW! Thx.

17 Jul 2016 dominionmundi

Hi, I think we've played some games on Jinteki.net. Been tinkering with this model. Bhagat seems to give this added potential.

I'm thinking... is human first x 2 really the best choice?

Love trashing operations, especially in current meta with midseasons and consulting visits galore.

What do you think of the career fair/liberated/casts engine instead.

Right now I'm on this:

Event (18) 3 Career Fair ●​●​●​ 3 Dirty Laundry 2 Déjà Vu 1 Hacktivist Meeting 3 I've Had Worse 3 Inject 3 Sure Gamble Hardware (4) 2 Clone Chip ●​●​●​●​○​○​ 1 Grimoire 1 MemStrips Program (12) 1 Corroder 1 D4v1d 2 Datasucker 1 Medium 2 Mimic 1 Nerve Agent 3 Parasite ○​○​○​ 1 Yog.0 ○​ Resource (12) 2 Bhagat 3 Daily Casts 3 Data Folding 3 Liberated Account 1 The Turning Wheel ●​