BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free

HammyNotTheHamster 39

3 point Astro. Nuff said.

Pretty standard fast advance deck utilising SanSan and Astro to score out. No tagging or punishment but opponents have to honour the amount of money you have in case of Mid-season death/magic Beale. Operation assets are stronger in this Whizzard saturated world and help reduce your density from deep digs.

Ice is all self explanatory: shore up your centrals and create a solid remote to protect SSCG.

Now, to the crux of the deck, currents. Clones are not People is a pain because it's so costly but helps you close up the game quickly. In an ideal world, you set up a secure remote, install Astro and Clones, next turn score it for 3 points and a counter. This is made easier with SanSan but you'll need a secure economy to rez remote ice and protect centrals in case you're leaking agendas. Breaking news for 2 points is perfectly reasonable, especially if you're able to keep a click for trashing Aesops/Wlydside/Kati. Targeted Marketing gives you more back for your Sol buck and helps protect from Siphon as well as slowing Faust/Wyldside/Pancakes.

3 cyberdex necessary to turn off the blood coagulation.

Having a blast playing with this so far. Can get out of the gate really quickly and close up games before the runner's had a chance to set up.