Remains of second core set starter deck.

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Severijn 516

This is a deck made to learn people how to play netrunner, using only cards from what is left after you have bought 2 core sets and removed up to three copies of each card, exlcuding the identity.

It is not the strongest deck , but that is not the aim here. The deck introduces various mechanics like damage, trace, upgrades and traps. Core HB is the identity, because with less than half a core set to build, we are in dire need of all the economy we can muster, and one of the aims of the deck is to ensure that the corp player is not miserably poor throughout. Another design choice is to not include the very alluring snare! three times and three neural katanas. The aim is to have the runner learn that they need to run to win the game. Punishing that too hard as early as the very first turn would certainly teach them the opposite lesson.

The deck has three ways it can win: Glacier, Economy and fast advance for the win. Between accelerated beta test and priority requisition, it was clear that this deck wants to play a lot of ice, and outpace the runner deck. To have private security force have some relevant effect, this deck does run 6 ice that are nominally able to tag the runner, but the real aim is not to tag and kill the runner, it is to drain his money and set up a scoring window. Finally, should the runner get the upper hand in the end of the game, I want the corp deck to have an out in biotic labor plus accelerate beta test.

On a minor note: why is trace in a beginner deck? Well, every player I teach the game is asking what link is for, and more impotantly: we need shadow for economical reasons.