Nashibushi 2.0 - SC 1st Place

Laxen 566

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is evolving ?


Nashibushi has a long and honourable history and was born as a colab in the Swedish netrunner slack channel. Full backgroundstory can be found here.

There is also a full championship report in Swedish available here for any stray Swedes out there who have not yet seen it.

Long story shot; we built a deck as a semi-joke. We iterated on it. I took it to a Store Champ in a neighboring City (Uppsala, yes the Sacred Viking City from the TV series), and it won. Everyone was happy.

The Deck

Fun to play, more glaciary then most NBN builds. Score some agendas to put some pressure on the runner. Hope he or she runs into a Shinobi and dies!

There are several cards that supports the Shinobi, such as Surveillence Sweep, Keegan, Rutherford Grid, Closed Accounts and Cyberdex. The rest of the deck is mostly about landing tags to drain the runners economy (which also supports Shinobi) and possible somewhat secure scoring servers.

Happy hunting!

28 Mar 2016 mcbeast

Holy shit! I was bald when I started playing with this deck, but after my first win my hair came back! Now I'm looking exactly like Legolas from Lord of the Rings! Thank you Nashibushi!!

28 Mar 2016 CeeTee2001

Cats, Dogs, Ravens, Trains, Angels! Awesome!

28 Mar 2016 enk

Go Nashibushi! The proof we all needed that you don't need to even know card names if you have enough cats in your deck.

28 Mar 2016 Laxen

@CeeTee2001 ikr! this deck is starting to look like Pinterest

28 Mar 2016 skydivingninja

Wait, this deck is actually winning? Holy crap I may need to try this out.

28 Mar 2016 Laxen

@skydivingninja After a few tweaks, it at least doesn't automatically lose like 1.0 x)

28 Mar 2016 RavnR

This deck is the wolfshirt of Netrunner. So awesome it defies words.

28 Mar 2016 Gerbo

Playing this at my upcoming store champ, they won't know what hit them!

28 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

Question: Does this deck win solely because you are playing AstroScript Pilot Program? Why Keegan Lane strats over traditional glacier: is it to enable the Shinobi kill? And how many Shinobi kills did you get?

29 Mar 2016 Laxen

@RubbishyUsername AstroScript is defenitely a good card and an important component to put pressure on the runner. Keegan hels Shinobi and for scoring behind Raven + ETR. Got 3 Shinobi kills if I recall correctly, might have been just 2. But as Sun Tzu said;

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

  • the threat of Shinobi kills is as strong, if not stronger, than the kill itself.
29 Mar 2016 Laxen

Also, to be fair, yellow cards are simply strong and I'm a decent player - I don't believe this to be a top tier deck ;)