NBN: Making Nuisance

Maximus 17

So, this deck was born when I asked myself: "how can I really annoy the runner?" NBN was chosen because of easy tagging and a lot of good punishment in faction (Psychographics, Closed accounts) as well as ice with some nasty effects either on encounter or if the subroutine fires. This allows me to mess with their grip, their stack and gives me more control over the game. I can win either by scorching (after invading his privacy) or scoring agendas out of hand via psychographics. I don't even need to set up a remote which I think is kinda nice too.

The only card I am not sure about at the moment is midseason, since it feels kinda unneeded at the moment. The runner will float a lot of tags at some point thanks to Bernice May and ChiLo. Maybe I'll have to try it out vs don't-tag-me runners first before I come to a conclusion whether to keep midseason or not.

22 Mar 2014 Dadderrath

Why run subliminal? Drop them for another hedge and psycho. They are like a weak pad totally not wort running when you only have 2 hedges.

23 Mar 2014 x3r0h0ur

honestly id drop them for a freelancer and another chilo or bernice

24 Mar 2014 Maximus

So, after doing a few testing games yesterday I have come to the conclusion that this deck lacks in econ. But I am not sure what to cut for more money cards, I have also made few changes: -1 Flare -2 Subliminal messaging -1 TMI for +1 Tollbooth +1 Hedge Fund and +2 Data Raven.

Hedge Fund + Sweeps week + Popup + Caduceus don't seem to cut it.