Mandatory Media Blitz

SpellSlinger 109

This is my version of the "Xanatos Gambit" deck that has gotten a bit of notice the past few months.

The changes I made came from about a month of playtesting and shoring up the weaknesses I felt the deck had against the current influx of Faust love and every runner's ability to just go wherever they want mid-late game.

First thing was putting the "gambit" that the deck was centred around a bit on the back burner. Not focusing so hard on it let's me use a bit faster economy/draw like the Green Levels instead of Shell Corp.

Next was defense. With it being a smaller deck, I found that R&D would just cough up agendas pretty regularly before I could get it defended well enough. That's where the Ashes came in. They've been a God send both on centrals and when I want to bluff a Mandatory Upgrades with Mushin.

Finally the Next ICE didn't need to completely go, but I never found myself having enough money to rez ever. So I went with Fenris for early facecheck punishment, Eli since it doesn't auto die to Faust/Parasite and dropped down to a single Gold for the occasional lucky Accelerated Beta Test hit.

The deck carried me throughout the tournament I attended, only losing once to agenda flood that even a fancy new alt art jackson howard couldn't defend against. If only my runner deck had been better I may have placed higher than 7th.