Argus Atrocity

Corbec 62

Maybe you are the type of person that thinks Tyrant is a putrid atrocity . But everybody deserves a second chance even Tyrants.

Or even you think Weyland´s agendas are suboptimal

And you are right, here you have my worst idea to troll your enemies or a new way to laught with your friends.

Dont forget the incredibles combos in my deck

1.- Satellite Grid with your advanceable ICEs, mulligar for it.

2.- Helium-3 Deposit with Quicksand

3.- Use Dedicated Response Team before you lose an agenda (with Data Raven is just too easy)

At the end I add the new Museum of History to troll more time those boring people who trashes your Satellites or the Town and Dedication Ceremonies for more funny Subroutines I know I have 11 free influence points, but who matters!!

The rest is economy and flatline menaces, lots of 1 value agendas.

DON´T FORGET that with this deck you can get the following Netrunner achievements

  • Stop a runner with a Tyrant you have just rezzed (best feeling ever)
  • Score a Helium-3 Deposit and use its hability (never done yet) with the Sands
  • Get 7 Bad pubs and remove 6 of them (it was 6 and 6, but I add 1 more Vulcan Coverup for the 22 agenda points)
  • Trash more than one Resource protected behind a Tyrant
  • Do net damage with a Weyland card
  • Win (ACHIEVED once)

And you must remember your friends that any achievement unlocked means he pays you a beer.

Cuando el runner se de cuenta de que le meas en la cara, dile que llueve

21 Feb 2016 divadus

Hey, I'm the type of person that thinks both of those things! What do I win?

19 Jan 2019 Traume

TYRANT! I need to play the Judas Priest song!