Jinteki Black Magic

batclan_web 439

Madrid 2016 store winner, 24 ppl.

Really good against Faust / Wyldcakes builds.

19 Feb 2016 skydivingninja

Do you normally go for the Greenhouse/Rush strategy? Would Komainu be better as some different ice?

19 Feb 2016 batclan_web

Yeah, the way-to-go is try to rush a Nisei MK II with the Greenhouse, you have many ways to do it. Sometimes is not that good to run too much, but try to score one of those in the first 6-8 turns.

Komainu is great against orange faust decks, since you can kill them if they dont have mimic in play (and they usually run only 1). Facechecking a Komainu + Batty can become an early win if they dont have I've Had Worse. Also, you're hurting them not letting play I've had worse for draw, so if they cant find their Wyldside quickly, you're in a real good spot.

Sry about my English, I've wrote a report of how to play / why I built this deck in Spanish here: www.batclan.es

One of the top4 games, against Chaos Siphons: www.youtube.com

19 Feb 2016 skydivingninja

That's a good thought! I might steal that for my biotech deck after store champs this weekend. Want to avoid untested last minute changes if possible. ;) What was your record with this?

19 Feb 2016 batclan_web

3-1 at swiss, and 2-0 at top (choosing both times Corp).

Really solid to play it against ppl who dont expect builds like this, since it punish so hard the facechecks.

20 Feb 2016 Drexel

Do you play with The Tank vs Noise? Or is it still better to try to rush out Nisei MK II?

20 Feb 2016 HuskerDu

How do you score out? Nisei-Nisei-Future Perfect? Is Fetal ever scored?

21 Feb 2016 batclan_web

@Drexel: Tank is really good against Noise if you are going to play the "attrition" game, but Greenhouse is also good. I usually play Tank, against ppl who dont know how to play against this, but if they know how to counter this build (parasite recursion) just play standar.

@HuskerDu: Best way to win scoring is Nisei MK II x2 then Future Perfect. Try to rush the 1st Nisei (use Fast Track for that if you need it) then move with the last 5 points. Sometimes in late game you can go with a Fetal if the runner is low on cards or money. The key for this deck is scoring the 1st Nisei MK II