Next FA BackStab [2nd Place SC]

arcv2 33

I took this List to a store championships and got first after swiss and runner up in the cut.

The deck was 4-2 on day and I didn't get a chance to play it in the finals.

deck beat a (reg)Wizard, Jesminder, Kate and lost to a Leela(mainly cause i messed up ice placement) in Swiss and in top cut I lost to the same Wizard I beat on a HQ access for game then beat a more faust focused Wizard.

Domestic sleepers was pretty clutch, think I won two on it from hand, and once a fast track biotic, domestic sleepers when I only had 6 credits.

If I didn't win on Domestic sleepers I definatly won off of an early Advance Concept Hopper letting me stay economically ahead to score and rez card, or defend hq on those final turns before I push out the points.

Only big change I would make is cut Ryon for an Overwriter, archive memories, or another piece of ice. I might cut guard but their was a large number of Crims around the weekend before.

17 Feb 2016 fredrikc

How do you like Quicksand? How often do you find that it better than a Wall of Static and how often is it worse?

18 Feb 2016 arcv2

I find it to be better in most cases, Against lady its mostly the same if marginal better/worst. Against Corroder out of Anarch it make most player stop running unless they have and waiting for multi-access or other high impact runs. In Anarch they also tend to stop running it after the first time so they kill it with parasite. Worst case is they see the quick sand and have a parasite immediately.