Harmony Goontech

gredgie 1

A Harmony Medtech build pioneered by CodfishCartographer from the SomethingAwful forums.

The deck revolves around the runner needing to find six agendas in a 44 card deck, three of which (The Future Perfect) are difficult to steal without being installed.

To put the runner off attempting to steal installed cards, we have the old faithful that is Aggressive Secretary and Shi.Kyū. The latter, however, is better used being trashed into Archives in the hope that we can Susanoo-No-Mikoto the runner into as many as possible, which then puts them in the difficult position of needing up to nine agenda points to win.

2x GRNDL Refinery serves to bait runs out of the runner and if they think it's an ambush bluff and never run it, then you can acquire a tasty amount of credits in return and Jackson Howard it back for more of the same.

NOTE: 3x Priority Requisition are due to a local Netrunner league achievement, you'd likely want to replace them with 3x Global Food Initiative by shifting the assets around a bit.