The Black King v2.0

megamaster 48

Recently took this to a storechampionship where it went 4-0 during the day, carrying me to 3rd place overall due to my runner performance.

Originally derived from Vapo´s Grail/program destruction decklist, I modified it to suit my preferred playstyle which is something along the lines ´´burn bright and burn fast´´.

General playstyle is something like:

1) fortify centrals and get rich while doing so

2)score at least two 2-pointers until the runner is set up to put you on matchpoint with GFI, making the most of your innate ability to gearcheck the runner

3)force a run on your scoring server by comboing EBC/the root (see below) or by baiting a 2 or 1 pointer/ GRNDL Refinery

4)score out while the runner broke himself on his previous run through your scoring remote or use Corporate Troubleshooter.


Global Food Initiative ridiculously good in almost every deck, it simply does what does to help you win that much faster.

the Executive Boot Camp/The Root combo: while EBC is mainly blackmail tech and jackson tutor, together with the root it fulfills another purpose here: to net you 4 credits per click.

all you need is some ice with at least a rezcost of 4 and EBC and root installed. Proceed to rez the ice at the beginning of your turn with EBC and the Root credits and bounce it back to HQ... you just made 4 credits and gained a lot of flexibility by being able to move your ice around with impunity.

As long as you install the root in your scoring server and are able to protect the EBC you either make a shitton of money or the runner runs the root. either way it is almost always a substantial gain for you. And if an agenda comes along you bounce the root back to HQ while fortifying the latter.

Housekeeping mainly there as anti- employe strike tech (you really ought to hate that current) it also proofed to be quite effective at slowing down shaper and the like.

Corporate Troubleshooter solves almost all problems this deck has if the game goes long and you find yourself siting on 50+ credits but unable to keep the runner out by relying solely on your ice. And since almost every ice has some sort of nasty subroutine CTS is both reliable and effective.

Runners I faced during the day:

Adam: Due to being late to the SC, my friend and me are paired against each other as solution. He knows my deck and I know his from testing. He procedes to pull 5 points out of RnD with a makers eye run while I search for some ETR ice. I finally find the ice I need to build a Curtain Wall/Merlin/Archer scoring remote and during a run on RnD I snipe his sentrybreaker with merlin´s netdmg. After that I quickly score out in 3 turns using Atlas/oak/oak and fetching the last hostile for the game. 1-0

Adam: He digs like crazy from turn one to find his plascrete carapace and continues to set up like mad, while i go to 4 points and get rich. I proceed to build a Mother Goddess/Archer/Lancelot/Orion server and install the GFI in it. He then runs said server with his always be running only to find that he has to spend 2 clicks on Mother Goddess, leaving him 1 click short to be able to click his armitage to pay his way through. 2-0

Chaos Theory: Again I lose first 5 and one turn later a 6th point to indexing/makers eye shenenigans but at least he wrecks himself economically by running repeatedly through my grail ice. Just as I am finished acquiring the necessary money to rez my scoring remote (by gaining 20 credits off of GRNDL Refinery) he decides to run HQ, faceplanting into an Assassin without a sentrybreaker and I flatline him thanks to the subroutine and my money advantage. 3-0

MaxX: He installs an early Faust and Wyldcakes while I struggle to keep him out of RnD. I decide to go for a naked Project Atlas install and wait for his reaction. He continues to hammer RnD, leaving the atlas where it is and I score it next turn. As the game starts to go long and I lose 3 points to Rnd digs, I get an opening to IAA a GFI after he is forced to levy and after he wrecked himself economically by using a D4V1D to deny me an OAIed Orion behind a Curtain Wall. I score the GFI but find myself in a situation where I can´t seem to find my CTS or an agenda to put into my scoring remote but my opponent doesn´t find anything during his RnD digs either. The Game evolves into a 50 minute game that could have gone either way but time was called and I win 6-3. 4-0

Probs to our hosts BB-spiele in Rosenheim, Germany for hosting this event and it´s flawless execution.