System Blower - 2nd place Chicago SC @ Pastimes

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braggin' about how you had it all dialed, well what's up now when your shit is-

PE will forever be one of the greatest meta calls possible, and in a meta where Faust and siphonspam.dek are two of the more popular runner decks, I figured it was time to bust out the Black Tree of Pain.

The list did not disappoint.

Apparently everyone (except Paranoid) forgot how to play against PE, because I can think of at least 3 games that were over in less than 5 minutes due to questionable runner decisions. One game I won off of a single Neural EMP. Another I won off of a non-Philotic agenda score. Another I won off Chairman Hiro reducing the runner's handsize to -1.

Shouts out to bblum for the list, I may have changed a couple cards here and there but the list is basically his, and it's real solid.

Some notable meta calls:

Sealed Vault: If it's good enough for Hinkes, it's good enough for me. PE has always hated getting siphoned, and in a deck playing 9 ice, it's arguably better than Crisium, although it is less flexible.

Chairman Hiro: Yes, he's risky, but he can set up some fun little kills with Ronin and EMP, and he can straight-up win you the game if the runner takes any brain damage at all.

Komainu: With less instant-speed Parasites in the meta, Komainu is going to fire a lot more. Most people simply don't respect it these days.

Swordsman: !slots. Didn't kill Faust on the day, but it's in-faction, so I figured I'd find room for it.

8 Feb 2016 x3r0h0ur

I feel like trashing Chairman Hiro is good.

8 Feb 2016 LSK

Meanwhile, I made a meta call to cut I've Had Worse, and my game against this was the only time that hurt. Nice metagame choice :)

9 Feb 2016 rubyvr00m

Congrats on the 2nd place finish! I was the NEH player from the third round of the top 8. I watched you get that turn 2 flatline in the second game and you've inspired me to attempt some PE again. Great meta call against Faust and you played very well!

10 Feb 2016 greyfield

Excellent deck name. That's all.

12 Feb 2016 GreatDantone

This looks very nice but I'm worried about film critics. Have you played against it?

12 Feb 2016 moeljartin

@cranked why did you decide to go with sealed vault over crisium grid? I can see pros and cons either way, but just curious what your thinking is there.

13 Feb 2016 Trilkin

@moeljartinLikely just the fact that with such minimal ice, Crisium Grid is going to get trashed on sight fairly easily and quickly. Sealed Vault is much harder to trash for any value.

13 Feb 2016 Whitneybae

Can I just say, I love that Death Grips reference

14 Feb 2016 cranked

@GreatDantone Critic is definitely annoying, but frankly it's not the worst card to hit the Runner's side of the table. You can play around it. I find that most runners that drop Critic start to run a bit more recklessly, so you may be able to Mushin out a trap that wouldn't otherwise hit.

@moeljartin Crisium is definitely the better card in a vacuum, but with the ice-light setup, it doesn't make as much sense here, as it's a lot harder to defend. Vault is significantly more to trash, which makes it safer in R&D, and stuffs Siphon/Vamp in a big way.

@Whitneybae Paranoid (who beat me in the finals) and I are big Death Grips fans, so the name is for him. Stay noided.

14 Feb 2016 formerteen

where do you normally put the Lockdown? r&d? presumably you want to put it wherever it's most likely to be followed up by a Snare!, right?

15 Feb 2016 formerteen

also, are you clicking for credits often? unless you score the gila early, it seems like the only way you'd ever get much money, correct? i realise you run on broke in PE but you want enough money to threaten snare and to advance comfortably when needed, right? is this ever an issue?

13 Apr 2016 Nikola

I love this deck!

@cranked what's your strategy on ronins, junebugs and cerebral overwriters? I like to get them out of my hand as fast as possible so that they can't be trashed. I slow roll everything until 3-4 adv and hope they run CO/junebug thinking it's a ronin. but if they don't then what?? leave them on the table or over install? I think runners try to keep a mental map of failed traps in their head, so maybe over installing messes with that process. Not really sure.

@formerteen yeah i find myself clicking for credits constantly. it's my first action nearly each round, b/c if you're broke, your traps don't work.

20 Apr 2016 cranked

@Nikola Generally, I Mushin out the first card that I possibly can. If I Mushin a trap, I either advance it for click 3 or advance it to 4 on a later turn to represent Ronin. If they don't run it, that's fine, because I'm going to do the same thing later in the game. Eventually, once there are enough 4-advanced cards on the table, the runner has to play "find the Ronin" which is rarely a fruitful venture for them.

Never overinstall unless you plan on Jacksoning the trap later or using Archived Memories to bring it back to hand for reinstalling.