Xanatos Gambit :: Reading SC 2016

Pete 66

An MWL-legal version of the original Xanatos Gambit deck by @tiedyedvortex .

Huh, Xanatos Gambit is an actual thing.

In 5 rounds of Swiss I went 4/1 with it. The only loss came due to an early Maker's Eye run that snaffled 3 agendas and the last followed the next turn. #shrug #variance #gg

It was a lot of fun to play on the day. I only took it along because I was tired of playing my usual NBN and fancied a complete #yolo day. I scored Mandatory Upgrades early in all of the games I won: four clicks per turn is powerful #whoknew?

I replaced the Elis from the original with Vipers: similar cost, can't be clicked though... I didn't put any more thought into it than that #yolo

7 Feb 2016 FragSpider

The Viper 's are (and were) an interesting splash; certainly a bit more taxing on both Runner & Corp sides, but ultimately really a similar effect to having Eli 1.0. Possibly not great against a Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman deck, but hey, as you said; YOLO.

And congrats on your placing!

(Was also a horrifying matchup for my Apex: Invasive Predator deck on the day ... way too many ETRs for even Endless Hunger to handle! None the less, was a fun game! )