Keystone 4: Total Keycall

ItJustGotRielle 2935


Pandering to nerdbears complete. On that note, I took 3rd at ChiLo (3rd seed, and 3rd after top 8 cut) with this Argus deck I've been working on and Noise. I played Wyldcakes MaxX, Noise, Noise, Cloud Geist, and Opus Vamp CT in the Swiss and then Noise twice in the top cut (losing both games).

HOUSEKEEPING. This card is good. This is a Noise hate card that turns off the Faust fodder of extra wyldsides and etc.- this card is good right now. Play this card. Ignore the haters, ice centrals, play this card. It slows proco Kate down even more and greatly strains criminal with their lack of recursion. Housekeeping + data raven + destroyers + Argus ability is lots of click tax early in the game before wyldcakes or shaper rig is set up making this kind of set up ideal for a rush deck, so play hard and fast but not recklessly dumb. Ice centrals once a couple turns have gone by. Keep hands with oaktown and ice.

This deck is still a work in progress; it is worth pursuing further but definitely needs changes. Primarily, lose both snares. They are not good. Do not be fooled. They are, ironically, a trap for this deck. You skate by on minimal credits most games and I found myself actually paying for snare only about half the time in order to afford ice or hedge fund range. You aren't trying to be cute and damage people or hope they forget their tags- you're trying to score faster than the runner can set up. Tags help eat into the largely clickless econ of the 3x Aesop's and or 3x Casts in seemingly every deck, occasionally putting them in SEA range but mostly keeping them too low on credits or cards (dumb Faust decks) to break your remote without sea/scorch killing them.

I would drop 2 snare for Archived Memories and a second SEA Source. Finding room for a third Archer through dropping an Enigma is probably a good idea too to find it ASAP. This was the best non-Josh Corp deck that day and I think it's good enough to win a store champ with a few tweaks. Stay tuned for tweaks in the coming weeks.... I'LL BE BACK. (only in re-runs pal)

1 Feb 2016 GrantZilla1979

If dropping 2x Snare!, I like the 2nd SEA Source. Do you think dropping 1x Power Shutdown and going to 3x Wraparound would be worth it or do you think the Spiderwebs make that a bit redundant?

1 Feb 2016 ItJustGotRielle

@GrantZilla1979 That's a possibility. In this day and age you cannot play enough noise hate. Wraps could be swapped for ice walls. Spiderweb is very important for Faust matchups.

1 Feb 2016 itsbigfoot

Go with casting call over snare, it's free and your agendas are telegraphed anyway. Really useful for argus

1 Feb 2016 hi_impact

News Team is much better than Snare! for Weyland rush. You can also run Casting Call for a bit of Val taxation and agenda protection. Or even 2x Blacklist to contest the 100% Levy inclusion in most runner decks.

1 Feb 2016 x3r0h0ur

I find snare to be useful for smoking the IHW in the runner's hand, which they will hold onto. I love rush decks, I've also been playing with argus, and rush is strong now. Gratz

1 Feb 2016 BTrain

I've found the same thing with Snare in Argus, and what's even better is that the runner has to respect it even when it's not there. I'm still a big fan of a 1x Biotic to flesh out the influence, which also frees up your slot for the third Archer. Have you given that a whirl yet?

1 Feb 2016 itsbigfoot

other suggestions: Cleaners -> HRI, cleaners rarely matters, money always matters.

would like 1 posted bounty but that would hurt housekeeping so maybe not.

1 Feb 2016 tzeentchling

Why Corporate War? Just another 4/2? I imagine Corporate Sales Team replaces it as soon as it comes out.

1 Feb 2016 jmbostwick

Been running something similar, though the agenda suite looks different. I was never a fan of three pointers in this deck, so I went with two 4/2s (usually Geothermal, to recover from Siphon) and a 3/1 (either Chronos or The Future Is Now). Also, try a copy or two of Will-o-The-Wisp instead of Snare. That card wrecks Faust decks, since they tend to rely on their pure draw and recursion instead of deck searching.

1 Feb 2016 gumed85

Good stuff here! What os your opinion on OAI - Archer for rushing? What about Public support? Thanks!

1 Feb 2016 ratzuka

What about nexus kate? i know the deck tried to be fast, but sometimes thats not enough.

2 Feb 2016 Ulkrond

Good work!

2 Feb 2016 Tondo

This deck looks awesome! But if you don't mind me asking, what's the singleton traffic accident for? I don't see anyway you can give the runner 2 tags unless they're not clearing it for some reason.

2 Feb 2016 liquidcooled

Any thoughts on including the Diagnostics combo?

2 Feb 2016 GoldenHawk

What about +2 Caduceus and -1 Grim and -1 Changeling. Caduceus is amazing tax early game and is 3 cards for Faust or 2 with 1 Datasucker counter. I find that if you play one over R&D you can even make decent econ out of it early game, when the runner fears your remote ice and just goes poking around.

2 Feb 2016 Bigguyforyou518

Although Criminals seem to be hiding right now, the sheer overwhelming number of MaxX players has made me reluctant to run Weyland decks without Crisium Grid. How do you handle aggressive Account Siphons and Keyholing?

2 Feb 2016 Ulkrond

Do not use the Diagnostics combo with this deck. Just don't.

3 Feb 2016 ItJustGotRielle

@GoldenHawk Caduceus is not great outside of Blue Sun if you plan to take bad pub, that's my main reasoning against it. 1 BP + 1 link and you're not taxing them enough to matter anyway, since all decks play Mimic (even Noise).

3 Feb 2016 juiuce

Why hasn't Sealed Vault been mentioned yet? I'd love to hear more about the choice to include it along with some war stories.

3 Feb 2016 notrocketscience

I love rush decks and this looks super fun. I'm curious about the 3x Power Shutdown. How often do you play it and what cards does it hit?

3 Feb 2016 GoldenHawk

Yeah, good point. I've just never been able to make Morphling or Grim work reliably. Especially Grim, I feel, is really bad at 5c to rez, in D4vid range and as 1 of hard to play meaningfully. But yeah, preferences.

4 Feb 2016 ItJustGotRielle

@juiuce I knew a lot of Chicago players would be there and had heard from a friend that they were into Siphon/Vamp decks in shaper, so I slotted a Sealed Vault. The one time I played someone from Chi he was on CT siphon/vamp and at one point took 8 from Opus and then trashed Vault next turn, which made me feel ok about it. It was there to duck siphon because in most games Crisium is 3 to trash from bad pub and I wanted it to have some staying power.

4 Feb 2016 ItJustGotRielle

@GoldenHawk You're looking at it the wrong way- Grim costs a David token; that means the next Archer they hit is going to hurt or drain the David. As for Changeling, it is in a great place. A single piece of ice that makes you have a Lady/Corroder installed, a Mimic installed, and a Datasucker with a counter installed? Seems pretty good. Sure, you can Atman 4 it. If you do I can aim Shutdowns for Datasucker and then Grim and Archer are live again vs shaper. Less so vs anarch, because of Faust, which is a stupid card. Nothing is good vs Faust so we're not really considering that in our equation.

4 Feb 2016 Ralphus1701

I'm liking the weird synergy of Data Raven and Argus. Though I had a question about opening draws. More times than not the opening hand is full of ops and agendas with no ICE or Jackson in sight. Do you just score out a hostile and let the runner go rampant on your centrals or go digging for something to protect you?

11 Feb 2016 Chuftbot

Since this didn't make deck of the week I guess we aren't getting that Arnold fanfic.

Why even live?

15 Feb 2016 Craig Bednar

I love this deck. Made a few tweaks, Global for the 3-pointer and 1 less wrap-around and I started killing on Rush is so good right now.First turn ice remote, install Oaktown and advance works so well. This deck is making me think Oaktown is one of the best agendas in the game!

22 Mar 2016 Potemkin78

I really love Argus, and I like this deck a lot! Just as a question of general gameplay that I may not fully understand; the goal is fast advance score and pressure, so is Sea/Scorched there just as a threat more than an actual occurrence? Would you Scorch even if you didn't have a second to get a kill? I know a lot of that is situational, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

24 Mar 2016 ItJustGotRielle

@Potemkin78 Scorch/SEA are threat cards. Unless you KNOW the last Levy or Same Old Thing is in their hand you should not scorch, ever, unless it kills them or punches through Plascrete. Having to deal with meat/tags/snares slows them down, taxing their actions between getting econ going, installing programs to make runs, clearing tags, and staying at 4 cards or above.

You won't generally scorch a good player, but the cards exist because once a good player sees you are holding kill cards they have to slow down, which is what helps you rush on your remote. This also helps you because your R&D auto-retaliates when they score or hit a snare.