A Matter of Character

gumonshoe 2973

This is not a tier 1 deck. This belongs solely at a table where you're trying to have a good time with friends. Yes: it can and does win games. No: I don't recommend bringing it to a tournament.

This deck is based around rezzing a ton of really difficult to break ice that's usually not worth running because BP is just soooo bad. The good news is that Expose, Elizabeth Mills, & restoring face allow you to fix any temporary image problems you might suffer for your more than ethical business practices.

The average ice strength is quite high for this deck and it gets higher the more tags land on the runner. Tags feed into Psychographics & Reality Threedee. And just all around make your deck a bit better.

If you're looking at these cards in your binder and thinking: why don't I ever play these? Take them out. Sleeve them up. Play some jank.

I know I will be.

hard six

29 Jan 2016 MrAaronSA

Character Assassination to increase the spin factor!

29 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

Bad pub decks get named Fox News

29 Jan 2016 gumonshoe

@x3r0h0ur totally a missed opportunity. Especially with the whole "thanks for your hard work now would you please take this sword and fall upon it"