NBN Fast Advance - GP Indy Store Champs 1st Place

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eegag 23

Post-tournament notes:

Right off the bat, I should have swapped the number of Ash and SanSan. SanSan changes the game so much that you really have to run three of them in this style of NBN.

I'm never quite sure how much Marked Accounts benefits me, but I continue to use it. I wonder if PAD might accomplish the same thing without the upkeep. I often hesitated to load it, but missed the drip economy when I decided not to.

I rarely scored a Restructured Datapool (though it and the aforementioned Ash did star in my play of the day during my match with Adam). However, my low agenda density did matter in a couple of games, to which my frustrated opponents can attest. As a result, I could leave the ICE on R&D a little more porous but also more taxing.

One last note about TMI: while it can be fickle, it secured some centrals for longer than it should (given its low cost) as even runners with Corroder dislike paying four every run to get through it.

14 Mar 2014 AsteriskCGY

So where would you throw that last 2 Influence? More Ice? I can see dropping a TMI and Wrap for 2 Eli.