Harmony Ambush v0.3

theunode 52

Edit: GFI made me really want to revisit the "only six agendas" concept, so I retooled the old list to fit it, and made it NAPD Most Wanted legal while I was at it.

Inspired by decks like Speedy Snare! Delivery Service™, this deck uses a lot of ambushes (Snare! and Shock! in particular) and taxing ice to make runs expensive or even deadly. Combinations of Komainu, Chum and Neural Katana on servers can lead to an early flatline if the runner facechecks poorly.

Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer's low agenda density makes stealing agendas unlikely and Shi.Kyū means they have to steal at least half of the agendas in the deck to win.