Dilemma Generator

Gerbo 1

My own twist on the Xanatos Gambit (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/27378/xanatos-gambit), a very fun and semi-competitive Mandatory Upgrade-deck that relies on Mushin No Shin and Media Blitz to put the runner in a pickle.

Very little innovation from my part, switching out the NEXT ICE for 3 Enigma, 3 Wall of Static and a couple of Ichis. I'm someone who played a whole lot of The Foundry and feel the NEXT ICE lack the punch in this deck. NEXT Bronze and NEXT Silver are nice but when it could take a while before you get your second rezzed it rather have some more basic ETR ICE instead. And NEXT Gold hits off so rarely that the cost is so rarely worth it.

Also, experimenting with switching out a Cerebral Overwriter for an Aggresive Secretary.