Do Bioroids ever advance?

Hongkong Koma 259

A try on the usually NBN-associated "Never advance" play style. I typically use my two clicks (for whatever) and then play a card in my remote. The runner does not know if it's an agenda that i can score next round or a trap or an upgrade or GRNDL refinery. Needs more testing, but is fun to play so far.

Needs some skill and luck to place the ICE efficiently, Dont try to kill the runner, go for your agendas. I he gets brain damage along the way, this will make him very causious.

11 Mar 2014 iMarco

Not enough econ cards?

12 Mar 2014 Hongkong Koma

Replacement: - Swordsman, - Successful Demo, + 1 Punitive Counterstrike, + 1 Archived Memories (for more killing options).

iMarco: Not yet. Melange, GRNDL Refinery and Campaigns do a good job most of the time. More games will tell!