The NEXT Wall V1.1

DrunkAlex 328

Built this deck for a tournament last weekend. Despite looking really simple, it was actually great fun! This deck only does 3 things: Score agenda's, make money and build a huge wall in the meantime. During the whole five rounds I've hardly had any money problems. Especially after a few celebrity gifts and successful demonstrations. The large amounts of reasonably cheap ice makes rezzing lots of ice early game not really an issue. For me the sweet spot was 3 layers of ice on HQ, R&D and 1 remote. Less ice on another remote and archives. Usually this is all set up pretty fast. After that it's a race against the clock.

This deck is strong early and mid game. This is because essentially you've got a free turn and with 21 pieces of ice it's not hard to get at least 2 ice in your starting hand. Usually I had at least 2 (less than 2 means a mulligen). Once the mid game passes the runner gets a really big upperhand and all the ice isn't too hard to get through. This isn't fast advance, but with 5x 3/2 agendas it doesn't go slow either.

EDIT: I took absolutely no tracer or bad pub ice because it has no place in this deck. Money is for rezzing my ice and scoring agendas (except Ichi, but he is there for trashing programs). Bad pub means the runner can go through my cheaper ice for free. Archived Mem and Vitruvius is used for Celeb gift and SanSan.


-Heimdall I still find really iffy. It looks all impressive, but really isn't hard to get through. I do still need at least a few late game ICE to make it harder for the runner later on.

  • I'm going to replace Enigma with Quandry once it's out.

  • I'm convinced that once more NEXT ice comes out, this deck will really start rolling.

  • I've only played 8 times with this deck. There is probably loads of improvement options, but up till now it has worked really well for me.

  • It was fun playing something hardly any of my opponents have ever played against.

9 Mar 2014 Jergis

-I played NEXT for the last couple of months. I had the same basic results you hint at here: Great early, but i stalled in the later rounds.

Your economy looks about like mine, i went with a few more events after i had a hard time keeping Adonis around. If you keep playing this, i'd recommend making your Code Gate choices more Yog-proof. The choices here are exactly what mine were and they became irrelevant in competitive play. Even with the traces, i'd consider adding a VIper or two and replace at least one of your Viktors with the 2.0 variety.

Ichi was another one i eventually cut. It doesn't stop the runner and thus becomes a less-than-ideal draw on your first three especially with its rez cost. Maybe try out 3x Roto?

Last bit: Green Level Clearance, or some other draw mechanic, can help you churn through the deck late game. That gets to be important with small ice you don't need clogging yer hand, just waiting to draw into an agenda for FA.

Good luck


10 Mar 2014 DrunkAlex

Thank for the advice. I too have noticed that keeping adonis is sometimes more a hassle than a true boon. The last 2 games I haven't even used eve. Maybe have to try and find more burst credits. I'll mix up the ice a bit more and include tracer ice. Since my economy isn't having the biggest of problems I think one or 2 tracers wouldn't be too bad.

I wanted to add a 3rd rototurrent, because that think is together with NEXT bronze an awesome piece of early to mid game ice.

I'll switch everything up next game. Got another tournament coming up in a few weeks, so it will be a great testing moment.

Thanks again, Weezel