Get Well Soon

wild_quinine 7

This deck is heavily based on LSK's 'Not Foodcoats', which is one of the most fun decks I have ever corped with. I disagree with the standard deck on two main points.

Firstly, Jackson is important enough to include.

True enough, you will rarely suffer from Agenda spam even in a short deck with only 6 agendas. But for draw control alone, he's a wonder. A turn that starts with a mandatory draw and 2 cards from Jackson can be a fantastic setup to the Celebrity Gift double, and give you choice about what you show.

Add to that, if the game does go longer he's remarkably good for padding out R&D with operations you've already played. These can't usually be trashed from R&D, plus they're all burst economy, and can be worth the recursion if your assets are being hit. And, of course, he can also be used to shuffle R&D in the event of an indexing run or suchlike.

To pay the influence cost of the two Jackson's, I drop an Eli, and the Rototurret. My experience of Roto is that it's usually an expensive way to lose a piece of ICE to parasite. I replace the missing Eli with a Himitsu-Bako, which is a passable barrier facecheck, and will make people think twice against hosting parasite or caissa cards.

I also don't use Restructure. I prefer the to have more options to pick up the economy from 3 credits. As such I have a couple of Medical Research Fundraisers in there.

A single turn with a full 5 card Celebrity Gift and then either Restructure or MRF gives you the same amount of credits. (+12 total). But MRF is less valuable in the true sense, in that the runner also gains economy, unlike with Restructure. So why choose it? Well, the plus side of MRF is that it is more flexible. You can play it if money is tight, even if you can't spare the clicks for Celebrity Gift, even if you can't afford to show your hand with Gift, or if you plain don't have a Gift in hand.

More options for recovery? Get Well Soon.

(Note: I also include only two MRF's, to keep the card limit down. This would be two restructures, if I were playing closer to the original deck.)