Not Foodcoats

LSK 4634

Here's a fun Harmony Medtech build that's winning most of its games (at meetups - haven't brought it to a GNK.)

The idea here is that you're not playing Foodcoats. This is definitely a radically different deck. For one, you're playing 6 psi-game upgrades instead of 2.

The Harmony Medtech agenda suite is pretty familiar by now: Play every single annoying-to-score 5/3 in the game, forcing the runner to go through a lot of trouble and score 3 agendas most of the time while you can win with any 2. The rest of this deck just straightforward money and upgrades.

My experience is that Jackson Howard is not that useful here. I was playing with 2 and found that I tried to score nearly every agenda I drew anyways. I guess that's a YMMV type of thing; it's exciting to me to try and play close to the ground, but it would definitely be useful to have Howard's recursion against the usual suspects, DLR and Noise.

The ice selection is tentative but predicated on a few basic ideas:

1) Make the runner pay as much money as possible to get through your ice.

2) Force the runner to build a full rig to threaten your remote by playing ETR ice in all three flavors. Inazuma counts.

3) Don't play too many pieces of ice with exactly 4 strength.

I don't think Harmony Medtech is necessarily competitive, but the general archetype is really fun to play and the additions of Batty and GFI add a lot of heft to what used to be a pretty fragile deck.

8 Dec 2015 gumonshoe

Global Food Initiative: Making Even the Bad Decks Good!

Seems interesting. I'd probably play with the ice suite, but fundamentals look very good. Thanks for the share.

8 Dec 2015 LSK

I want to see where the ice suite goes! It feels like there's a lot of room for improvement with it.

17 Dec 2015 Fleshbits

well, someone just kicked my ass with it bad enough to go search netdecks and sure enough, here it is.