Harmonious Food

Salindurthas 33

I quickly whipping up a "proof of concept" deck for an idea that just occurred to me.

The "HB Foodcoats" Corp deck (that not only won worlds but dominated the top 16) benefited enormously from Global Food imitative.
It occurred to me that long ago Harmony Medtech had a deck that benefited from using only 5/3s, along with Shi.Kyu to force the Runner to score 3 agendas, while the Corp only needed 2.

GFI helps this deck immensely, as the Runner will often need to steal 3 agendas, unless they score 2 FP. This means we don't need to spend card slots of Shi.Kyu.

I never actually played the only Harmony Medtech decks, so this list might be pretty far from an optimal version of this idea, but perhaps there is something worth pursuing here.