Outwitted You DLR (Malaysian Nationals 3rd Place)

Prawnyman 318

Runner deck here. Built to handle Foodcoats.

But I did not outwit Pre-paid Kate which was my only loss of the day. Which was kinda ironic since I originally built this deck to handle Pre-paid Kate during the regional season. If I had a Cyberdex I felt the game could have gone a lot different and I could have won the tournament all together. (Pre-paid Kate got 2nd but 1st place was Foodcoats/DLR Valencia. I knew I had a good shot at winning due to beating it during the swiss rounds.)


General strategy is to create an impregnable remote with an IQ and Ashigaru. Depending on the match up just one of those ice plus an upgrade is enough. With Anarchs, every one of them has to be assumed to be playing Siphon so ice HQ first. With the low agenda density, Medium or Keyhole will probably whiff. Use Biotic Labor to install and rez Eliza's Toybox to rez the remote server ice I had installed previously and then rez the other IQs and Ashigaru.

Against the two DLR decks I faced that day (one Valencia and one Minh-MaxX) I simply outlasted them. Protected HQ hard with Carprice and Crisium. If you can prevent the Siphon those decks slow down hard. I scored out in complete safety after MaxX and Valencia depleted her deck. Recurred All-Seeing I to trash the DLR rig and scored out Hades Fragment to avoid deck out.

Card Choices

Vanity Project

I wanted this to decrease the agenda density. IAA this and then using Biotic Labour to score it out the next turn for the win is pretty nice too.

Jackson Howard

At someone's suggestion I took one Vanity Project out for 2 Mandatory Upgrades and used the free influence for this. As CI you might need to draw to get your econ cards and drawing hard will help decrease agenda density in HQ.

Enhanced Login Protocol

Originally had one but cut one Biotic Labor to have two to counter Employee Strike since I can't fast-advance. Also synergises with Subliminal Messaging but I might cut that in future builds.

Crisium Grid

Included two because I needed this deck to be Vamp/Siphon proof. I don't mind multi-access but I can't survive denial. I've actually had a DLR Valencia use Blackmails to trash Crisium. Brought it back with Archived Memories.

Current Deck Iteration

-2 Mandatory Upgrades, +2 Project Vitruvius:

Usually if I can score out a 6-advancement agenda I might as well score out Vanity Project. Project Vitruvius provides me a fast advance option and overadvancing it helps in the general CI strategy and I believe this could be HB's solution against DLR Valncia. Triple All-Seeing I in one turn by using Vitruvius counters.

-1 Corporate Troubleshooter, +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite:

I blame building this deck the night before the tournament for this. I even included this in the previous incarnation of this deck to handle Parasite. Ugh.

-1 Viktor 2.0, +1 Turing:

Viktor 2.0 was not doing as much as I'd hope and 2 Turings on HQ just shutsdown DLR deck's Siphon.

Might cut Subliminal Messaging for a Snatch and Grab if they have Kati or Professional Contacts and have some way to give tags so All-Seeing I isn't useless in non-DLR match-ups.

6 Dec 2015 aermet69

First off, really cool. I like to see a Cerebral deck, that isn't just about the super combo of doom. How do you think 2x Green Level Clearance instead of 1x Restructure and 1x Subliminal would go? Seems Restructure could be annoying to openhand - though the Snatch & Grab also seems like a good play.

6 Dec 2015 Prawnyman

@aermet69 Restructure in the opening hand is not that bad. In the early game I usually don't rez ice unless it's a big effect and rely on probabilities. Click for credits or draw and you'll get to 10 latest by turn 3.

As for Green Level Clearance, I don't like cutting the Restructure for that since that's what I target with Reclamation Order the most. I might cut a Blue Level and even a Hedge Fund for it,

6 Dec 2015 pang4

This deck is a beautiful creation. All of the kudos for making a non-combo Cerebral Imaging. The sheer amount of recursion with the addition of Project Vitruvius is nothing short of strait-jacket-wearing insane. You can literally go infinite with Reclamation Orders and Archived Memories with a sprinkling of econ events in between, and the fact that you on a consistent basis can get a hand size of 20 without even trying particularly hard is amazing.

As a long-time fan of HB, who had a mild crisis of faith when New Angeles Sol was released, seeing a decklist like this warms my heart.

How does this deck fare against non-DLR? What's our strategy against more regular, "fair decks" like Leela and Kate? How do we beat the monstrosity that is Security Nexus?

6 Dec 2015 Prawnyman

@pang4 Against Leela or any Criminal I still protect HQ hard to prevent Siphons but I probably don't need Caprice there since they have to break through and trash Crisium Grid. If I'm that worried of Leela's ability I can pre-rez one ice per server with Eliza's Toybox.

As for Kate, I mentioned in the post the lack of Cyberdex was my downfall. Kate can't handle Ashigaru too well with Lady counters or Atman. Include 2 if you expect to see a lot of Kate; it also helps against Clot if you need to fast advance.

For Security Nexus it depends on who's using it. If it's Sunny I might try and rush out a 3-pointer before she can properly set up, disregarding me needing to discard. From that point, try and fast advance out. Alternatively, I can stack 2 IQs in the scoring server.

If it's Kate, my hope is the psi game for the first run which is not that bad since I can recur Caprice endlessly. Then use Ashigaru to keep her out like normal. Alternatively I can outbid the trace. If Sunny is using the console she usually has the money to back it up but not necessary with Kate I think.

I'm using the World's deck for my basis on this. Haven't played against it yet. Did play a casual game against Sunny during the tournament which is why I know I have to rush since her breaker and console counters both my big ice.

6 Dec 2015 CobraBubbles

Love the look of the deck, it might be the first CI I try out! Just one thought - do you think you could slot a current in somewhere? Employee Strike hits CI really hard, but if you have a Lag Time or an ELP and get your draw on, chances are good that you'll be holding it when they play Strike.

6 Dec 2015 pang4

@CobraBubbles: Read the list again. I'm sure you'll find the ELP's.

6 Dec 2015 CobraBubbles

Hehehehe And I thought I was pretty on the ball tonight after my games on Jinteki. Ah well. Incidentally, is ELP in there as an Employee Strike counter or does it effect alone do enough?

7 Dec 2015 Prawnyman

@CobraBubbles ELP was included at first for Employee Strike but if you've ever played it in RP tou'd know ELP is very good to tax the Runner. If they have to spend an extra click to run they want it to be worth it. ELP also works with Subliminal Messaging and there's something to be said when the Runner spends their third click and you mentally breathe a sigh of relief.

Also, you can have this effect last the whole game if you have the recursion. I usually spend mine on econ and upgrades.

8 Dec 2015 CJFM

Big kudos for playing a CI that isn't shutdown combo. :D

10 Dec 2015 atuk84

Woot2... Seeing this deck in action is a really ossum experience!!! When I saw u rezzed IQ using Eliza's Toybox, I know u had the game in your pocket... Good luck in the upcoming Singapore nationals!!!

10 Dec 2015 bnye88

@Prawnyman Hi Shawn, "Prepaid Kate" here ;)

Well done on your originality and creativity, loving it so much! CI has been around for some time but this is the first time I've seen anything quite like this. I enjoyed our matches the most during nationals.

You've basically fixed every weakness that we've pointed out during nationals and the latest build looks absolutely stunning, the only oddity remaining is the sole Vanity.

Looking forward to try this during casual nights, and maybe even league.

10 Dec 2015 Prawnyman

@atuk84 Hey thanks man but I won't be taking part in the Singapore Nationals. Got a different tournament to attend; this time with cash prize!

@bnye88 Hi Bernard thanks for the comments, you piloted your Kate and RP superbly well.

As for Vanity Project, I suppose I could swap it out for the third Vitruvius and a NAPD Contract/ABT. Use the free influence for a Global Food Initiative and cut the Subliminal for the card slot.

Hope all you guys coming down do well for the Singapore Nationals. Except Bernard, cause I know you'll do well.