Simply Mythic

JustJD 160

You cannot break in if you don't have AI programs. You cannot have AI programs 'coz I have Swordsman. And Wisp. And the Secretary. Force them to install their complete useless rig with Chimera. Bait with Mushin on GRNDL or Snare, score your 2 agendas behind a Goddess. They need 3. Protect your central from siphon and keyhole with Caprice. Take in hand your Himitsu-Baku and leave Goddess unbreakable. Just mythic.

P.S. :( it suffers against Valencia's Blackmail.

2 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

This definitely seems like a lot of fun. You've made one false claim though: the runner can absolutely win with two steals. 2x The Future Perfect is 6 points.

I think subbing out one or two Mother Goddess for Crick might be good, as they can re-install Parasited Chimeras. A single Guard might also be a nice include as an aggressive Criminal can Inside Job his way to victory without as much trouble due to the deck size.

2 Dec 2015 JustJD

Yes, 2 future perfect are a possibility, but with only 6 agendas are hard to find, and with PSI always hard to steal. Inside job is not a problem, usually my scoring server is Himitsu + Mother: inside job, rez himitsu, pass it, retake it in hand, WALL. The Ices you named are good, the problem is that I don't want to have rezzed ice on the floor (except for Himitsu): this would weaken my Mother Goddess just-mythic strategy. Even Swordsman has to be destroyed after it has done its job.

2 Dec 2015 CTclone

Akitaro Watanabe might be a good touch, given that you seem to be dependent on Chimera for your centrals.

3 Dec 2015 anr_marsellus

Swordsman makes MoGo a Sentry, though. You should think about adding Paper Wall. In front of MoGo they need to break it, which kills it and leaves MoGo without subtype. Played similar stuff in Weyland (with Oversight AI+Curtain Wall you can imitate the "Paper Wall" effect. Paper Wall in front of Mother Goddess is particularly good against Kit...

3 Dec 2015 JustJD

Paper wall could be a great add for this deck: thank you for your help!

7 Dec 2015 Bart Fargo

Consider dropping your GRNDL for Back Channels and using the extra influence for more Aggressive Secretary and Project Junebug. Dropping the Snare! for room(With your econ you're going to find it tough to trigger Snare!).

I think you will find this deck hard on econ with Chimera so it will be fairly devastating if the GRNDL Refinery gets trashed. You don't have enough traps to discourage a runner from checking an advanced card. Plus you only encourage running with Medical Research Fundraiser.

Instead Mushin No Shin out Aggr Sec or Junebug and see if they take the bait. If they sniff out a trap just Back Channels. Shattered Remains could be a good sub too.

You can start doing ballsy things like mushin out an unprotected The Future Perfect. Runner(after seeing your deck a couple times) will think that is an obvious trap you plan on just Back Channels. Welp next turn you're in scoring range so they have to check every advanced card. Lets hope it's not another trap.

8 Dec 2015 JustJD

Your considerations are sharp, i'll treasure 'em. Just the snare is there for discouraging hq lock and for an unexpected trig of kitsune, may during a simple run on archive (to charge suckers or draw with masanori), when the runner run with less then 3 cards... maybe just one copy could be the same.