Food for Thought

Somberbrero 30

My attempt to capitalize on the power of Global Food Initiative.

Self-Destruct is a bit of an oddball one-off, but it makes Komainu even scarier while wearing the Runner down by forcing them to fish out The Future Perfect from archives.

Medical Research Fundraiser is a great card, but it felt antithetical to what I was trying to accomplish. Restructure along with Melange are here to fill that gap. I feel that Psychic Field has a natural synergy with Melange, together they are an exponentially more difficult problem for the Runner.

Daily Business Show is a good card. I feel that, especially here, burying agendas is tremendously valuable. I've also had Anonymous Tip suggested, that may be a valuable substitution.

I'm most hesitant about my ICE suite. I have a lot of trouble with Jinteki ice in general, and I feel like my mix here might be off. Turing is just very strong early scoring ice, Rototurret is there to make Batty scary.