MaxX: All D4v1d and All of the Knight

paulxthompson 234

A more or less direct copy of one of the @SlySquid MaxX decks, adapted for my own preferences as I try to figure out a MaxX deck that I'm happy with.

I'm very uncomfortable playing a deck that keeps tags, and I'm don't think I've really got a good enough sense of timing to make this work yet, but we shall persevere :-)

Paper Tripping specifically because Quantum Predictive Model is my enemy, but also might have an outside chance of helping against anything that seeks to damage meat.

Aside: Down the line, when Rebirth appears, I reckon I want a virus tooled MaxX that I can hopefully slow down into Whizzard or Noise or Edward Kim depending on the opponent at a time that is convenient for MaxX.

I think a lot of folks are thinking Rebirth as getting the benefit of a deck building strength and an in play strength, requiring the Rebirth to happen asap, but I'm liking the idea of a Rebirth that benefits from happening later in the game.