Natman Forever

Skeletons 147

This is my first proper try at a Nasir deck. As of late, Faust seems to have given the cyber explorer a fresh of breath air, but I always wanted to try the Atman/Sucker combo so I've stuck with that.

First, I can't say enough good things about Drug Dealer! Not only are they apparently supplying Nasir for free (as he spends all his money on his Personal Workshop), but the extra cards also negate the ravages of multiple Stimhacks. It's so good, I added the Levy just so I could keep the DD draw going.

Probably my other major change from Contrast's Natman Primer was the addition of Dyson Mem Chips, to alleviate the MU problems with multiple Atmans I ran into in longer games.

I really like how Stimhack/PW makes for an aggressive early game, and with DD/Dyson I can now transition into a really secure big rig in the late game. 48 cards puts the deck a little on the large side, but still I've been having lots of fun with it.

12 Nov 2015 gammanet

why dyson over [Akamatsu Mem Chip](/en/card/01038?

12 Nov 2015 shimya

I can see how yo're setting up Atmans with PW / Stimhack combo early game, but how do you deal with mid and late game economy? Is Kati enough?

12 Nov 2015 Skeletons

@gammanet That's a fair question - normally Akamatsu is the go-to but I found the extra Link from Dyson justified its cost in this deck. With Toolbox and Nasir's natural Link you reach a point where firing a trace is something the corp thinks twice about.

@lyn I've found on the turns I get money from Kati (9c on average) I use the cash either to install, or to run servers where the ICE is already rezzed. On other turns I'll run unrezzed servers and use Nasir's ID to pay for it.

Also Cyberfeeder and Toolbox pay for the breakers, and Atman/Sucker is cheap to use, so a single Kati donation can do several runs on pre-rezzed ICE.

Thanks for your questions!

12 Nov 2015 Shiiuga

I like the deck. I like any Nasir deck, really. Thoughts:

The Levy is vulnerable if you only have 1 and no Same Old Thing to get it out of the heap if you lose it to damage. I play Drug Dealers in my Nasir as well, and you will burn through your deck in most games that last past the first few turns.

Cyberfeeder is good, but Multithreader is objectively better for the same influence and deckslots. It creates MU problems for an already program-heavy deck, but I'm not really sure you need the Net Shield or the Paricias.

All the Corp needs to shut down your gameplan is a Swordsman in front of a non-codegate ETR ice. Deus Ex will get you through it once, maybe even 4 times if you burn the Clone Chips, but I think there are much more important uses for those in the current card pool. I would consider dropping one of the Drug Dealers or Datasuckers for a Mimic.

Finally, with all that link floating around why not stick 3x Underworld Contact in there? You can choose to have them fire after your Drug Dealers come and find you broke once more, so you don't just dump the credits. They'll help a lot early on with letting you pump the workshop, and later they'll give you a boost every turn to help you deal with pre-rezzed ice.

Just some thoughts from a seasoned Nasir player :)

12 Nov 2015 Skeletons

First, yeah I would prefer some redundancy for the Levy but SOTs are hard to justify with so few events to play. Maybe a second Levy?

I hadn't considered Multithreader as D&D is so new, but that's a really good idea. Being twice as effective as Cyberfeeder offsets the fact I can't replicate them out. Definitely worth a try to see how the MU situation works out.

Parasite is basically my answer to Swordsman. With enough sucker tokens and a Clone Chip/SMC primed I might even get by it on first encounter.

Net Shield is very much a fringe pick, most games I don't use it but against certain decks I'm suddenly glad it's there.

However I've found my Paricia gets a lot more play. It's no Imp, but it lets me pressure bare remotes very quickly. I found having two worthwhile as it's not something I'd spend an SMC on, but it's really good to find it early - especially if the corp is relying on assets for economy. If they reeeaally lean into asset econ, then having two Paricia installed can be crushing.

Also, I can't believe I missed Underworld Contract!! If we're looking at econ then they might well be worth including over Paricia, which would give MU space to the Multithreaders.

Thank you for your advice! Lots of food for thought.

12 Nov 2015 gammanet

if you somehow find influence, scrubber(and ghost runner) help a lot against upgrades, (if youre removing paricia)

13 Nov 2015 Skeletons

@gammanet Scrubber's great too! With enough changes removing hardware from this deck, the Replicator stops being worthwhile and that would free up some cardspace, too.