Flickering Mumbad City Grid

Saikron 37

Suddenly the power flickers - just for a moment. Your console crackles and green text quickly reassembles itself on the black screen. You realize that the ICE you just broke is blocking your advancement again.

We control everything.

This popped into my head after reading the spoilers for Mumbad City Grid. Valley Grid stands in for the card, which is a 3 cost to rez, 3 cost to trash Region that says "Whenever the runner passes Susanoo-No-Mikoto, say "NOT SO FAST, BUD!" and swap it with the next ICE in the server."

The shell of the deck is the ICE package, Mumbad City Grid, and whatever other Assets/Upgrades you think might be good to recur with Crick. This is not a trap deck, nor can it be. The runner will (almost) always have the option to jack out if he can't afford to encounter Susanoo again. Think of it as making Susanoo a very expensive ETR ICE that sometimes fires Crick.

Following from the ICE package, I decided that the ID should support something of a rush strategy. This is the Jinteki ID that will let me win the game if the runner decides to dawdle or can't break Quandary before I get to 6. Tennin might also help, but that takes a combo with TOL and the deck size lowers my MCG and Susanoo density.

Both Susanoos go on the remote - always. You just keep the second one unrezzed for swapping until the first one dies to Parasite.

It looks to me like on paper the econ of this deck is sound. Most of my ICE is cheap, after all.

11 Nov 2015 gammanet

your agenda lineup doesnt make much sense for your ID, with that lineup you will wind yourself often scoring to 7.

11 Nov 2015 Saikron

@gammanet The advantage of the GFIs is that it lowers my density to 8 agendas and 16 stealable points.

The "normal" Medtech agenda setup has 9 agendas and 18 stealable points. If I switch to that I'd have to cut 2 cards. 1 to make room and 1 to make up the influence difference. If I start cutting from ICE, that's fewer rows to swap my big stuff into.

Then, we're looking at cutting Caprice, econ, or MCG - which sounds insane.

11 Nov 2015 gammanet

also, while on paper you econ may seem fine, in testing you may fine yourself hurting for econ(especially against a criminal, which is definitely among your worst matchups)

also, 19 ice is more than the average ETF glacier plays, you can definately cut some ice for econ.

mentalhealth clinic may be better than pad, but im not sure, ive always enjoyed the immediate payback of mental health.

also, AI breakers are insane nowadays, you should definately be packing at least a swordsman.

11 Nov 2015 LSK

PAD Campaign over Mental Health Clinic?

12 Nov 2015 Saikron

@LSK Outside of RP, yes. The higher trash cost offsets the fact that MHC pays out a turn sooner, and it doesn't have the hand size downside which is not a small deal in a post-Faust world.

In RP, I would take MHC even if I knew I was against Faust.