All the Money - Top NAS Worlds 2015 (70th Place)

Waterpile 247

This deck did very well at worlds this year. Landed me at 70th with Leela as my runner. This glacier style NBN was very fun and disrupted a lot of runner play.

With Global Food Initiative and 15 Minutes, there were effectively only 16 agenda points for the runner to steal. Project Beale could easily turn into a 5/3 with the correct tools in place, and NAPD Contract ended up being more useful than I thought with a surprising absence of Film Critic.

Targeted Marketing is what makes this deck shine. Choose the correct targets, and you'll have your runner playing a completely different game than what they intended. Sure Gamble is default. For Noise, name Cache, and watch them hover around 2-5 credits the entire game. Against Kate, Lucky Find, PPVP, Diesel or Lady were perfect to name. Basically, anything they need to use multiple times. Or something they need to use to get into your scoring server. I had an Andy player Special Order for a Gordian Blade on click 4. Next turn I played a TM from hand and named Gordian Blade, then installed a Beale in the scoring remote behind Tollbooth and Archangel with Ash in the server. Incredibly taxing. TM also allows me to burn through the DLR decks. Haven't lost to one with it yet. Name Wireless Net Pavilion, and you can afford to burn through 3 Fall Guys to kill DLRs for days. Absolutely crushes it. Highest I've gotten on money is 65 credits or so.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY is perfect for this deck, and with interns, you can protect more than one server with them very effectively. Caprice Nisei goes in your scoring remote with Ash. Cyberdex Virus Suite is amazing to put in there as well since it helps protect from the Medium dig and guarantees landing Archangel many times.

For the ice suite, Archangel was the star, bouncing Peddlers, Kati Jones, TM'd breakers back to hand. You have so much money that you can afford all 3 Tollbooths and the Assassin. Excalibur is a one of that goes on the remote to force the AI install, or force the runner to make the single run per turn through Tollbooth and whatever else only to hit Ash and Caprice.

I absolutely love this deck, and it brutalizes a lot of popular decks right now. Will continue to develop this.

10 Nov 2015 Marimbist11

Very nice, looks similar to th Sol deck I've been working on for a while; Have you considered including Astroscript and 1 SanSan to threaten faster runners? I added it in over NAPDs a while back and it has done wonders.

10 Nov 2015 skydivingninja

I've been trying to build a similar deck to this one and was pretty close to giving up on it, but you've given me hope! I'll probably steal your list and see how it does for me. :) Congrats on the high placement!

10 Nov 2015 sruman

Great deck. Thanks for posting. Were you the corp who named Chameleon on a Hayley Lizards deck?

Few thoughts - Since you have a a scoring, did you consider launch campaign(s) over pads? - Why not Astro's over NAPDs ? NAPD is great at all (plus now very pretty) but astro is ... astro.

11 Nov 2015 Waterpile

@Marimbist11 Honestly, your decks probably had a lot to do with the development of this one. I looked at so many and pulled a ton of different thing from a lot of them. I have considered running AstroScript Pilot Program over Beale. I kind of decided to go all in on the glacier concept with tons of money and Ash/Caprice. But being able to threaten the FA might not be a bad idea. NAPD just gives a lot more value to the Ash traces. Saves me a couple bucks if I know they can't steal it. Film Critic is much less prevalent than I thought it would be.

@skydivingninja thanks a lot! Good luck with it. Super frustrating to runners!

@sruman I was not that Corp, however, that's a great target once you see the lizards! Honestly the PADs are just slots to bait the runner into wasting money/time. They are swing slots a lot of times because you end up having a ton of money any way. NAPD adds to the tax of Ash or double Tollbooth. Astro is definitely Astro and needs considering, but I decided to go all in on the tax rather than threatening the FA. I definitely do want my deck to look prettier with my playset of NAPDs, but it definitely seems worth tinkering with to add another direction to win. Thanks for your thoughts.

14 Nov 2015 Captain

With only 3 Targeted Marketing, are there games where you don't see them until late. I've been messing around with this ID and found that I want a Current as soon as possible and settled on 5 or 6 being the most consistent while not giving up too many deckslots. What do you do when you don't see them?

2 Dec 2015 PeterCapObvious

I would second the idea of having some FA with AstroScript and SanSan, if anything it's another win condition, which is something that NBN does well at having.