Hollywood Vanity Takeover (HVT)-KOS Versace Brick Syndicate

aandries 1506

You want it, well now you got it. Core Weyland is back, baby...well, kinda. The idea started with the deck building genius in hiding himself, Mr. Niles Stanley. I was drafted as the Weyland player for the Versace Brick Syndicate team at the ANR Pro Circuit Special Event: King of Servers. I didn't want to just play Blue Sun, and this idea intrigued me. Careful testing with both Spags and Joe Schupp (Paranoid), I made some tweaks and revisions. Vandover and Double Champ Dan and I discussed it and I made a few more changes. I considered some various situations I could end up in and how to combo out of them, in the end this deck is actually quite great. If totally spoiled it suffers, and Hades Shard is its biggest problem, which is why I choose not to run it for Worlds, which was a mistake.

How it works: You have the ability to dominate money (unless siphoned to hell and back by Maxx) thanks to the operational economy speed and incredibly taxing early ice. From there you are literally a Jackson Howard and 22 credits away from pulling off an insane 7 point combo.

Combo #1: Shut Down Deck Fire Howard - Biotic - Interns (Howard) - Reclamation Order - Diagnostics. Diagnostics Fire Howard - Biotic - Interns (Howard) - Interns (Hollywood Renovation) Diagnostics Fire Howard - Biotic - Interns (Vanity Project) - Subliminal Messaging Advance Hollywood 6 times, also advancing Vanity Project, win game.

Combo #2 Combination of cycling Punitive Counterstrike until the runner doesn't have a pulse, plas, or IHW. Credits may vary.

At times you will need to force the runner to do something, I suggest installing an agenda and advancing it. Sometimes the extremely timid will let you score it, just do it again and they will have to run and now the combo is very easy.

Do not recall your subliminal and not play it to pad your hand, you will regret that greatly. Do not keep Reclamation Order in your hand when you are close to combo, though can be good to bring back multiple money cards in a cash war, or bringing back Howards if the runner keeps trashing them thru a Hive on a remote or something.

Can you beat a clot + clone + sac construct? The answer is Yes, just make your board state devastating, pile up Accelerated Diagnostics in your hand and give yourself enough extra clicks to keep the CVS coming in and firing. It worked in testing, it is real, ask Scott.

Capital Investors forces runs while pushing you closer to firing a combo. I wish it had room for 3 SE versus tag riders, but most people won't ride tags vs. a strange Weyland deck, this time they'd be wrong in doing so.

Can it beat DLR Val? Yes, but not super well. Val has Siphons (annoying) and Hades (horrible). But what Val really hates is Housekeeping. She has no way to stop it and will have to murder her own deck and draw to replace along the way - it straight up wins games.

Worst case scenario happens and a Hades is live, what do I do?
Well, you got one chance, and it's not a great one. Punitive Diagnostics. You have to keep all the agendas in your hand, pile cash, force them to score a big one and then just fire the combo with punitives, it's your only hope.

Well there it is - you've asked for it, and there it is. Interesting deck and a lot of fun to play. Sorry the stream game was vs. a Siphon MaxX, that is almost always an auto-loss on match-up.

9 Nov 2015 gumonshoe

Thank You!

9 Nov 2015 Waltzard

Trying to work my head around Combo 1:

Can you write it out in more detail? I don't understand what's going on.

First Step: Power Shutdown entire deck, so at this point there is no cards in hand, no cards in R&D, all deck in Archives. 1 Jackson installed. I follow you so far. Click 1, fully understood.

Next it looks like you trash Jackson to put a Biotic Labor, a Reclamation Order, an Interns and an Accelerated Diagnostics in R&D. But Jackson only does 3 cards. Now you have 0 cards in hand, nothing installed and 3 cards (not sure which) in R&D. Do you then click to draw? But how would you know which you'd get?

9 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

First wave is the set up Cards necessary in hand is Accelerated Diagnostics and Power Shutdown, which means you need Jackson on board, (3 clicks to start.)

Shutdown into - Interns (Jackson) + Biotic (4 clicks) + Reclaimation Order (all the Accelerated Diagnostics)

Every successive wave of Accelerated Diagnostic plays will net you +1 click.

You're recurring that same Biotic until you have a 5 clicks (+1 from Subliminal.)

With a total of 6 clicks you will manually advance and score a Hollywood Reno + Vanity to win.

9 Nov 2015 aandries

Your hand will need a Shutdown and a Diagnostic in it already to start the combo and at least 1 Howard on the or a Tech Startup that can fetch a Howard. So it's click 1 - Shutdown your whole remaining deck, Fire the already installed Howard, click 2 Diagnostic the three cards mentioned to install another Howard, gain 2 clicks (moving to 3 clicks again) and reclamation order to get the remaining 2 Diagnostics in archives into your hand. Can you track it from there?

9 Nov 2015 Waltzard

I got it, thanks guys!

9 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

I find your lack of Scorch disturbing...

10 Nov 2015 Rebeccafp

Have you considered a turor like the future is now? Maybe try to actually advance an atlas?

10 Nov 2015 podoboyz99

Dude, please don't claim this is a "self made deck" when it really is not. I had a very, very similar deck published a couple months ago. I applaud you for taking it to a tournament, and I am sure you came up of the deck on your own accord, but a shout out to the person who invented the combo would be nice. Here is my original version of this deck: netrunnerdb.com

10 Nov 2015 Rebeccafp

Those decks are pretty difference, bro. I find it hard to believe that you're the only one who noticed that Hollywood Renovation could be used to advance another card.

10 Nov 2015 spags

@podoboyz99chill. We got it from Niles. He got it from you. We all made it better. Don't be salt-ridden 'cause yours only got 2 hearts.

10 Nov 2015 aandries

@podoboyz99 If you read my opening comments, I give all the credit in the world to the known originator of this idea. When the deck was presented to me at first it was a Blue Sun build that Dan D'Dargenio mentioned. Then Jesse Vandover gave me a different version, and both had gotten the idea from working with Niles Stanley. I never talked to Niles as he's living outside the US without any communication, so he couldn't tell me if he worked with you or got the original idea from you. Please just consider your tone in communicating with people here in the future, the post comes off as very aggressive, nobody is trying to steal anybody's thunder here. I can't give credit to someone when I don't know they exist. Sadly, it's stuff like this that drives me away from the online community. For what it's worth, I think this version is much better than .500 win percentage you mentioned, if Valencia with Hades Shard wasn't so prevalent at the Worlds event I would have ran it there too. I certainly wish I did, it's a really fun deck to pilot.

10 Nov 2015 podoboyz99

I didn't mean to sound aggressive. I apologize completely. Sounds like we came up with the same idea from different places. Again, I am so sorry for any negative energy I may have caused. Ethier way, this version looks a lot better than mine, so congradulations.

10 Nov 2015 aandries

Thanks @podoboyz99 I accept your apology. I'm going to add "derived from" on this thing. I honestly never even noticed that little spot. I appreciate you being cool and I'm sorry for the confusion on my end! Cheers and good running.

10 Nov 2015 podoboyz99

Now to actually talk about the deck itself, how has Housekeeping been treating you? I generally like the card, but I think Paywall Implementation is a very good card in BABW, and it gives you more clicks to draw cards for combo pieces as opposed to clicking Capital Investors. Thoughts?

11 Nov 2015 aandries

Housekeeping is a must include at 2 to have any chance vs. Val DLR. I don't care for Paywall Implementation at all, if runners are actually running and accessing cards out of centrals you will likely win pretty easily. It doesn't address your major problem. At Worlds, most players are smart enough to sniff out the dangers of running quickly. Perhaps in another environment it's worth running, but I didn't even consider it after some testing. I do click for credits quite a bit, but once at 21 it's all academic. Extra money is nice for Ice or the Punitive Combo, but the clear road to victory is certainly 7 Point Score.

11 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

"most players are smart enough to sniff out the dangers of running quickly" -aandries

11 Nov 2015 brightknight_216

Just curious. With the existence of Film Critic, how does this deck deals with the possibility of the agenda getting 'sniped' and then hosted on Film Critic? The Runner would then be able to avoid getting pounded by Punitive Strike.

11 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

That's part of the magic. They'd have to spend an entire turn with that one agenda. With multiple copies of the winning agendas in your deck the Shutdown combo can still net a win since the runner "ran".

11 Nov 2015 aandries

In that instance you have one path to victory, the 7 point combo.

11 Nov 2015 brightknight_216

Thanks for the answer. Another question. I'm not clear on how you deal with Clot + Clone Chip. What do you mean by 'make your board state devastating'?

13 Nov 2015 lomar4976

I'm struggling to understand how you get the 21 cred requirement in this?

Click 1 - Power shutdown = 1 cred Click 2 - AD + Biotic+ rec order = 6 cred, interns for free (total 7) Click 3 - AD + Biotic = 5 cred, 2x interns for free (total 12) Click 4 - AD + Biotic = 5 cred, Subliminal Messaging = -1 cred (total 16) Click 5-10 = Advance = 6 cred

I come out with 22 creds required?

What have I missed?

Or do you mean to replace the Subliminal with SFSS, which means that the end step of the combo will be 5 creds with no refund, but gives 2 free advancements on Holywood renovation (currently then sitting at 17 creds) with 5 extra clicks = credits worth of advancements = 21 credits but click 5 gives 2 advancments for Vanity project, as Holywood Renovation would be at 6 counters then?

13 Nov 2015 aandries

@brightknight_216 - I mean having extra Jackson Howards / Tech Startups installed so you can save clicks or AD cards on Interns to get them setup. Or, simply having all 3 ADs in your hand at the start of the combo, thus saving the need to Reclamation Order.

13 Nov 2015 aandries

@lomar4976 I agree with your math. I'll edit the description. You can do it for below 22 credits, if you have 3 ADs and/or don't need to install as many Jackson's and can use a Shipments in the combo cycle.

8 Dec 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

Be sure to remember that you can't use Shipment from SanSan to advance Hollywood Renovation.

Well...you can...but you don't get to advance Vanity Project because you're placing advancement tokens instead of advancing.

8 Dec 2015 lomar4976

The way this works is to use SfSS to kick start the holywood renovation so the last advance gets the 'more than 6 tokens so 2 advancement tokens elsewhere' bonus. At least thats where I worked out my maths from above.

15 Feb 2016 zoolicious

I'm probably just playing it badly, but I find it tough to stick the Jackson for this. So I'm trying a variant that shoots for 6 points + a Hostile Takeover, in exchange for an extra click to fire it off with Jackson still in hand.

The extra click flexibility is also fantastic for dealing with Clot that little bit more easily; plus sometimes people will actually let you score a Government Takeover, because LOL IT CAN'T BE A GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER :P

Plus it can buy you a tiny bit of extra time when the runner generally has to steal 3 agendas instead of 2, although stealing 2 Hollywoods is gg anyway.

So far having pretty decent success with -2 Vanity Project, -2 Housekeeping (zero DLR Val in my meta. Famous last words), -1 Capital Investors, +3 Hostile Takeover, +2 The Cleaners, and then -1 Hive, +1 Tollbooth with the extra influence.

Has anyone else tried a similar setup?