Force of Will

Ulkrond 2016

My name is William Brown. I never mulligan.

This is my deck that I use to Flatline you. It does not matter what you have or what you do or how many agendas you steal. I will Scorch you. I've spent two years making this deck perfect. I have only one job. I have a quota to meet.

Good luck.

This deck was used to scorch kill Zach Eaton-Rosen. He then took the deck and piloted it to scorch kill Calimsha, BBlum, and almost got Jens Erickson at the ANRPC King of Servers Tournament. Bringing their Turing Test team to First Place.

Gov. Takeover: Word for word reprint of the original (with limitations.) Glad they brought it back so I could score it. Yes, I do score it sometimes, but that's because you really don't want to steal it first.

GRNDL Refinery: Weyland makes money all the time. So why not see if you'll take the bait and try to stop me from making more?

Junebug and Snare: Stop looking so hard.

Scorched Earth and Punitive Counterstrike: Well the trick is simple, have the same amount of money as the runner (including link.)

Power Shutdown + Accelerated Diagnostics: You think you are safe when I SEA/Scorched and you protected yourself with those plascretes. All I wanted to do is give you that confidence so you can run again.

R&D: Thank you for visiting Weyland. Welcome to DIE!

All wins are flatlines. No exceptions.

UPDATE: Regionals 2016: Madison Top 8 1st Seed of Swiss rounds. 5/6th place after double elims. 5 out of 6 Rounds were Runner Flatlines. No Exceptions. Used Force of Will v0.2 listed under Inspiration.

Flatline List: King of Servers 2015 - Calimsha, BBlum; Regionals 2016 Madison - Spags; Regionals 2016 Detroit - Dien Tran

8 Nov 2015 Daine

You're the best kind of weird, William. This deck is now a Chicago tradition. Though this version is particularly good.

Maybe mulliganing once in a while wouldn't be a bad idea?

8 Nov 2015 chill84

I've known Will Brown as a fellow competitor throughout my entire Netrunner career. Through all of my phases as a player, from kitchen table casual to Professional player -- Will has always been there to flatline me.

"Are you keeping your hand?" I once asked him. So naive, looking back now.

"I never mulligan." he replied simply.

"Are you sure, you haven't even looked at your cards, what if you want different ones?"

With something in his eye, akin to orange flames licking across the horizon, he grinned, and repeated for emphasis.

"I. Never. Mulligan."

Because that's the kind of Man William Brown is. Every card is the best card in his hands.

We're playing a game of Innumerable options, permutations, and combos, with all of the cards at our finger tips. At any moment we can unsleeve our decks and do something new -- move onto the next best thing. Will has elected to go a different route. This is all he does, and he does it well.

So, if you are comfortable in your unburned home this evening, quietly looking over this decklist and something looks wrong, or bad, or out of place to you - just know that it is only thus because you are not Willam Brown, nor will you ever be.

8 Nov 2015 Humanoids

This deck seems incredibly fun, however - how do you fight film critic in an extremely rich Prepaid Kate?

8 Nov 2015 Daine

@Humanoids, have you ever played against a new player who just can't be read? The type of person who has a remote server with 3 ice yet still IAA's an agenda naked right next to the scoring server? If so, you have an idea of how bizarrely unpredictable William Brown can be. He's like a mongoose. Whether he's down 6 points with no chance of winning or whether he looking at his combo on the board and literally can't lose he appears the same. So if you think you're totally safe he probably has you right where he wants you. It's not that William is unbeatable, but he has a practiced nonchalance that makes your best preparations pointless at times. Whether you've never played him or, like me, played him over a hundred times, you never know what permutation of this deck is across from you. Is he playing snare or shattered remains today? Maybe ghost branch? It's incredible. It means it's fun and different to play him even though he's doing the same thing he was in 2013.

That said, Willaim is not lying when he says that his deck in the hands of an extraordinarily skilled and standard player is also fantastic. William's response to film critic--not giving a fuck--may not be right for you, but I imagine he'd tell you that you could always try a snatch and grab or contract killer (he's tested both). He plays enough to know the meta game and knows what brew he needs. Here in Chicago PPVP Kate is passé and film critic is rare. If it's big in your region and you want to play his deck, alter as appropriate.

9 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

@Humanoids Your film critic means nothing to me. You want my agendas? Here have two of them.

9 Nov 2015 businessguy

I love Weyland, and I love this deck. Boosh

9 Nov 2015 skaterforsale

Can confirm, Round 6: 18 meat damage. RIP

10 Nov 2015 Groober

Correction - I only had a 40% chance of killing Jens - and he hit the agenda for the win - oh well, 4/5 ain't bad!

10 Nov 2015 Sixtyten

This deck had now entered UK netrunner legend, as has it's creator. We salute you Mr Brown.

10 Nov 2015 Groober

@Humanoids - sea scorch scorch still works a treat. Or, if you have two scorch in hand and jackson out - shutdown, diagnostics for subliminal, sea, scorch, then - scorch, scorch. Or if two jacksons, more diagnostics... You get the picture.

10 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

@Groober aww I thought he hit the snare and you Shutdown into triple scorch.

11 Nov 2015 Dothanite

Will's corp will always be best corp. Your love of deathromancy is inspiring to every man who shunned Weyland this World's. Can't wait to see what you conjure up next year!

16 Nov 2015 DarlingSensei

Fitting Power Shutdown combo into a punitive takeover shell is a stroke of unmitigated genius! It's so amazing for the deck.

I was hoping to pick your brain about Snare! They are excellent at randomly winning you the game but I find they tend to clog my HQ when I'm stacking combo pieces and I can rarely get the runner to hit one at the right time. How do you best play snares?

I'm also wondering if Janus might be ready for its time in the sun. With less stealth and deus ex around it might actually have a chance to hit someone. What do you think?

17 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

Snare wins games. Drop Snare behind ice. Agenda in open. Use as bait for runs on R&D by not putting ice in front of R&D. Always ask if they wish to trash Snare.

18 Nov 2015 Ulkrond

You will have Punitive and Scorched at all moments of game. Have Faith in the deck and you shall be rewarded.

18 Nov 2015 tzeentchling

This deck (and William himself) was responsible for one of the most gut-clenching, nerve-wracking games I played the entire day of World Championships. Hats off to you. Almost wish I hadn't won, so that I could have seen more of the deck.

30 Nov 2015 percomis

Hey Will, I was wondering how you use agendas in this deck. Are there times where you just throw 6 points of agendas into Archives when you have a Punitive? When do you start to try to score out (if ever)?

Can you give some tips on agendas in general in this deck?

1 Dec 2015 Ulkrond

@percomis Follow the meta and the tempo of your opponent's runner. Check to see if that person is a rush style or a control player and drop Agendas accordingly to end games quickly or to give your opponent confidence to push that person into feeling in control. You can bluff very easily if you IAA a Gov Takeover/GRNDL/Junebug to test the waters. Furthermore, keep a calculation of the opponent's credits, it'll give you a tell as to what that person will risk in a run. When you see that person pause and think extremely hard. You've won.

10 Dec 2015 skanedog

I've been trying to get my head round Blue Sun for a while now. Tonight I ditched my list and played this. I won three games in less than 10mins.

10 Dec 2015 Ulkrond

Most of my matches don't last longer than 20.

19 Dec 2015 rubyvr00m

Came here to say that I squared off against Will in swiss rounds at Chicago Regionals playing some version of this deck. He didn't mulligan. I got flatlined. 10/10 would get flatlined again. Fortunately the next game I pulled off a Midseasons - Psycho Beal for 7 points against his Chaos Theory jackout deck. Still, this Blue Sun is no joke! Respect it.

21 Dec 2015 Dothanite

You know what I hate? Paparazzi. You know what I see alot of? DLR Val.

So I put a singleton Corporate Town in this deck. I don't care if I lose three points if I'm going to kill them this turn.

Obviously I don't use it often and can be used for any pesky resources that might come around, but I've enjoyed this Hail Mary.

22 Dec 2015 Ulkrond

You know what I love? Paparazzi. You know what I see a lot of? Acct Siphon. So I love it when they think they can siphon me to zero while I'm slowly trashing their Fall Guys while they hold onto their tags. So I did not put a singleton Corporate Town into my deck as I constantly create more money and slowly trash one by one each Fall Guy till the Paparazzi is left. Then slowly draw up my Scorches.

23 Dec 2015 aero

This deck is so good. So so good. What about a single Back Channels instead of Subliminal Messaging for that time you advance the Junebug a bunch and the runner decides not to run it?

23 Dec 2015 Ulkrond

Subliminal Messaging is a key card when you have what you need to kill in your hand. But did not take into account that it was not in your archives as you fire what you need. Furthermore, the bonus click is invaluable.

28 Dec 2015 gumed85

Magnificent! How do you deal with Film Critic?

28 Dec 2015 Ulkrond

@gumed85 Make them run. Then make them burn.

14 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

Look the objective of this deck is simple. Runners are going to make runs and steal agendas.

There are no gimmicks or pointless fluff to protect those Agendas.

You must relish the choices the runner must make to either preserve their life or chance winning a quick death.

When you pilot this deck the options are simple. One Burns, the other Lives.

17 Jan 2016 Yourpalpaul

How does one beat this deck? I played this against my girlfriend and won 3 times super easily. What the fuck beats this deck? Like, the runner runs, and they lose, or they dont and they lose, is there any answer to this deck? Difference in play style or card choice?? Right now, to me, it seems unstoppable.

17 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

Nah its easy to beat. Just be patient, find the agendas, and don't make any mistakes.

25 Jan 2016 aero

Played this deck to 2nd place at a 23 person gnk tourney. Love it. Killed some people. I had two games though where nine points were stolen in two runs; bad shuffling on my part, or is it reasonable to think about going to seven 3-pointers?

25 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

Nine points happens. Who cares? Write down the name of those who got away. Scorch everyone else. Come back to the next GNK and find their names. Match yourself with them. Finish the job.

25 Jan 2016 aero

....When I grow up, I want to kill like William Brown.

28 Jan 2016 Warpstoned

Is there any thought behind Fire Wall? To tax david counters even more or something else?

Hive seems like such a good ice for the same cost.

28 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

4 credit tax for any other breaker than Lady and David.

28 Jan 2016 Warpstoned

Credits?! Who the hell pays in credits nowadays ;)

28 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

Who pays to break ICE nowadays? ;) Come on in!

10 Feb 2016 Aku

I'm starting to play a slight modification of this deck. Might I cir which are combinations that you use PS + AD + Jackson. A summary, which allowed to play this deck with a fixed pattern of conditions that do not get tired to play 8 games in a row in a tournament.

11 Feb 2016 Ulkrond

I'm interested.

12 Feb 2016 Aku

as you can normally do 10+ damage with this deck?

12 Feb 2016 Ulkrond

Normally? 8. Those with specific tastes for their own greed? 18.

11 Apr 2016 Felhad

Played this at the Florida Regionals, game is on at about the 10 minute mark, though it was a very quick game.

Ended up going 2-2 on the day, but that was good enough to win the Best Weyland trophy, so thanks a lot for the deck!

11 Apr 2016 Ulkrond

Thank you so much for the video and for enjoying the deck. With the new data packs out Runners have gotten a bit more wily. But now you understand how effective my deck is.

24 Apr 2016 thebriarfox

Add Dien Tran to the kill list with this (slightly modified) thing.

24 Apr 2016 Ulkrond

@thebriarfox Where and what modifications did ya make? Also, good work you're keeping Weyland alive!

24 Apr 2016 thebriarfox

@ulkrond At Detroit, first round, against his MaxX.

I took out Snare! and Project Junebug for Komainu and Reversed Accounts, and found some room for a couple of Snatch and Grab. I also swapped out a copy each of the big walls for 2 Orion and found room to add a Taurus as well. I didn't run into too much multi-access, and Snatch and Grab was picking off Aesop and Kati from hell to breakfast.

As for the changes, I didn't like Orion. Too weak for too much investment. S&G is a great, if meta specific, tool. I'm not sure about the rest. I haven't put it through enough of it's paces to know, but I feel like I'd have done better sticking with Snare.

10 May 2016 Ulkrond

Snare is such a staple in this deck or in any deck that wants the Runner to stop and think about their lives.

7 Oct 2016 Myriad

Any plans to add boom and shift some things around to allow the diagnostics combo to trigger it off?

Could Big Brother into it?

7 Oct 2016 Ulkrond

@MyriadTesting two methods to get BOOM! to work without Big Brother. A friend from is using a glacier build while I stick to my combo. Will post builds when ready.