Synch Suicide Butcher 1.5

MidgardSerpent 19

This is my suicidal butcher shop synch deck.

It's not really trying to survive, it's definitely not trying to keep the runner out. It's kill or be killed in this world.

Sea Source to kill Film Critic, Power Grid Overload to kill a Heartbeat or Plascrete.

Targeted Marketing against Account Siphon helps keep your credits up.

Use Special Offers and Popup windows to tax em down.

Casting Call an Explode-a-palooza for a big credit swing (+5 for you, -6 for them removing tags)... Midseason them into tag hell.

Keep the Information Overloads on your centrals unrezzed till they're tagged up then use them to strip off any protection.

Then burn baby burn.

Struggles a bit against Edward Kim.

16 Oct 2015 Trypios

who plays Kim anyways...