Gimmicks Three (Faust Nasir Control) v1.5

DrunkAlex 328

For older version of this deck, see here.

Ran the previous deck at a tournament over the weekend. Came in 1st, with the old deck having a 50% win rate (Gagarin murdered everybody). Games that it lost were only 1 or 2 points short. Made notes during the games and came up with this new iteration.

Received a lot compliments about how surprised people were how close and fast the deck performed. With Faust out I kept up pressure almost constantly. Only stopping every few turns to load up cards and install stuff.


Cards removed: e3 Feedback Implants, Paricia, Ice Analyzer, Armitage Codebusting, Astrolabe and Net-Ready Eyes.

Cards added: Parasite, Collective Consciousness, Gordian Blade, CyberSolutions Mem Chip and Cybsoft MacroDrive.

e3 Feedback Implants for Parasite: The beta version of this deck had parasite and now it's without a doubt a permanent addition. I always knew in the back of my head, the amount of common multi sub ice that can't be parasited to death in a turn isn't that much. Constantly paying a card for Quandry/Pop-Up sucks. I'd rather just kill those common pieces of ice.

Removal of Armitage Codebusting: Having Armitage Codebusting+Kati Jones gave me good bank economy, but it was just too much bank. Better to plan ahead a click Kati a few times, than using those 2 side by side. It is a hard choice though. Pretty big chance I'll remove 3x Kati for 3x Armitage in the future, just to see how that works out.

Paricia is a nice backup for trashing things, but not being able to trash upgrades with it is a big downside. Once you kit late game, most ice will be rezzed. You are better off using you Kati bank to trash stuff than having a dead card half of the time. I replaced it for Collective Consciousness as Faust is always hungry. Getting a card when the corp rezzes something is the same as getting creds, but then for Faust food.

Removed Net-Ready Eyes as Datasucker was doing way more work than anticipated. No need to take extra meat damage.

Gordian Blade or ZU.13 Key Master. This was a hard choice, as Nasir doesn't always have 4 creds laying around. The reason I took Gordian Blade was eventually for the same reason I wanted a code gate breaker. If I install Gordian on the fly, it can still break Turing with the creds I gain from the rez cost. ZU.13 Key Master can't do that.

Cybsoft MacroDrive over Ice Analyzer: Simple pure reliability. Cybsoft can simmer on PW till installed if needed and it's credits doesn't fluctuate constantly like Ice Analyzer. Great support for Parasite and Crescentus recursion.

Thanks for reading! Any critique is much appreciated.


12 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

Looks good alot like what am running atm tho am running Forger as away to avoid SEA Source and a way to activate my Underworld Contact as my suedo recurring credits but the core looks the same. Am also running Study Guide as my codegate breaker as i find it works really well for Nasir.

Collective Consciousness & Crescentus is a nice idea i'll have to try them out I have been looking for a replacement for my Cache.

13 Oct 2015 DrunkAlex

Nice! Didn't think of Study Guide, that might be a pretty cool credit sink for Nasir. Might give it a go.

Forger is also a pretty nifty idea, but I think influence is already tight enough.

15 Oct 2015 emlun

Wow. I just picked this up and ended up playing against a PE on OCTGN. All three Drug Dealers were in the top 10 cards, and the game ended with me stealing an agenda with one card in hand, none in the stack and LARLA already played. This deck is weird, and I love it! It runs so much more smoothly than my Nasir builds have so far. 10/10 will definitely play again.

I did feel like I was depleting my finite resources (i.e. cards) a bit too quickly though, but I guess that might be because I was up against PE. Anyway, I might try to squeeze a single Atman in as some kind of failsafe.