Gimmicks Three (Faust Nasir Control) v1.0

DrunkAlex 328

(Reference to Gimmicks Three by Asimov)

Poor Nasir. He worked so hard, but nobody liked him. He was just so.....different. Abandoned, desperate and broke, the demon Shapur would give him the offer of a lifetime. With some dreamwine in hand and a demon by his side, he just might be able to get back into the game.

First off I would like to give a shoutout to Concious Nasir and Nasir's deal with the Devil decks for giving me the initial inspiration. I liked their idea's, but didn't like all the parts working in it. Concious Nasir has to many parts dependant of each other for my liking (I hate it if I have to install something first for the other to work). Nasir's deal with the Devil feels more like a deck for 'going big or go home!'. This deck emphasises on 1 or 2 runs a turn.

The Deck

This deck turns on three gimmicks: Drug Dealer+Faust, Personal Workshop and Crescentus+Clone Chip

So Faust and Drug Dealer are a pretty good power combo. Drug Dealer gives a way faster set up for cards than Wyldside+Adjusted Chronotype and is also less influence. The biggest downside is that Drug Dealer gives you a pretty big drain in credits. Luckily Nasir doesn't need credits. Note: Order of Sol works well with 1 Drug Dealer, but once you have multiple installed you lose the credit you first gained (1st dealer triggers, Sol triggers, 2nd Dealer triggers). Combined with Diesel and you are pretty much set in draw.

Personal Workshop is a staple for Nasir, but Faust makes it better. Since you aren't using credits anymore for breaking ice, you can invest everything in your workshop.

Crescentus+Clone Chip is pure taxing/control against the corp. Nasir is making money of ice. Once most ice is rezzed you lose a source of income. Crescentus fixes that.

Some pieces of ice are horrible to break with Faust, example: Spiderweb, e3 Feedback Implants is there for support. Once the game gets going you won't have much to install from PW, so you can easily use it to save you cards.

Armitage Codebusting instead of Sure Gamble because most cards are only 2 or less to install. This gives me a better bank to live off. You won't have the credits to play Sure Gamble most of the time anyway.

Net-Ready Eyes/Datasucker is not essential, but still pretty important. I've played a lot with Faust in Anarch and S3 and S5 pieces of Ice are an absolute pain. Giving up a card to beat 1 S higher doesn't feel good. These cards offsets that and save you cards in the long run.

Film Critic makes sure NAPD/The Future Perfect isn't a pain anymore.

Thnx for your time! I hope you like it and any comments are welcome :) .

Cheers, DrunkAlex

9 Oct 2015 Phoenix

What is your plan for Turing? Or worse a double Turing remote?

9 Oct 2015 skydivingninja

^Agree that Turing is a problem. Maybe sneak in a single Zu or Gordian Blade?

I really really like this deck. You look like you could have a problem with memory though. Crazy idea: have you thought of the Toolbox with the workshop?

9 Oct 2015 DrunkAlex

I get your points. Turing would shut it down hard on the one hand. On the other hand it's something you see at most against HB (3 infl is hard to justify in other decks) and generally they only have 2 of them in their deck. One you can handle by just running first click. Double Turing would be a pain, but also very lucky with their draws. I say, if you think you would come across turing, squeeze in a codebreaker, but generally I focus my attention elsewhere. If they lock you out a remote, just hammer their R&D/HQ or vice versa.

@skydivingninja: I've played about 10 games with this deck now. hasn't really been a problem. Typical rig= Faust, Mimic/Inti, Datasucker and last 2 slots where for cycling SMC/Cresentus or maybe patricia (haven't used that card much actually). I thought about the The Toolbox before (my old Nasir deck had it), but I don't really need the link or recurring credits from it. I'm mainly using Faust and can't use the creds for e3 Feedback Implants. If I would need more , I would take CyberSolutions Mem Chip. Maybe throw that in for testing.

Also, slight change for testing: -2 Net-Ready Eyes, +2 Ice Analyzer. Datasucker was already doing enough work and Ice Analyzer helps with installing Crescentus on the fly. I'm also having doubts about Kati Jones.

9 Oct 2015 skydivingninja

Yesssssss Ice Analyzer. I used that card in my first Nasir deck and still have a soft spot for it.

10 Oct 2015 Dydra

So the control part comes from the derezz with Crescentus? That all?

Otherwise looks interesting.

10 Oct 2015 DrunkAlex

@Dydra: Hehe, you are right that it is light on the control part. An earlier version had Parasite instead of e3 Feedback Implants, which I used to destroy small ice. Both cards have something to say about it, e3 helps a lot against big multi sub ice, while parasite gets rid of all the small ice and leaves you only the big juicy targets for you to shut down with Crescentus.